Last First Kiss (1D fanfic)

On their way to a 1D show, Lea and Sasha , two best friends, have a car accident. Sasha survives with almost no damage, but Lea ... Lea stays with amnesia . What is going to make her remember at all ? Sasha has an idea that could change her lfe. Maybe a show ...


6. Impact.

Zayn's POV:

I slightly opened my eyes. My head was about to explode and I coulden't move a finger , so I just looked to what my head was pointing to.

All I could see ... was her. Oh God. She...looked death . I dont know. I only know she was worst than me, cause i was able to see , think , and I was alive. Thank God I was alive.

Louis' POV:

~Damn . My body hurts like hell , my leg hurts the most. We're somewhere on the road. That stupid bus ran away. Awkwardly . . . Liam opened his eyes!

"We're on the front , buddy. I guess we didnt got that hurt . "

"yeah" , i said weackly.

No. He pasted away .

I tried to get up. It was really really hard , but finnaly I was up.

Zayn moaned .

"ZAYN!!" i screamed

"Lou. . ." he was so weak

"How long we're here." i asked .

He didnt answered . he pasted away too .

No! I couldent lose them .

I grabbed my phone. CRAP! It was ruined.




After a while , things were weird. I started to see things wrong. I was dizzy ... and then ... i fell asleep.









Liam's POV

"do you listen to me ?"

"Grab the litter !"

"This looks bad ..."

"Hey , this is Steven . prepare operating rooms. We have a serious case on Route 26 ..."

This voice echoed in my head.

I oppened my eyes , even if they were lazy .

"HE'S AWAKE!" someone screamed.

Machines were all over me.

I was scared.

I saw Louis in the bed and he was awake.

"LIAM! How are you man ?! ", he asked.

"I ..." , i couldent talk , i was with zero forces.

"I ... i just broke my leg and my arm , dude . Liam. You'll be okay, lad"

"thanks". i said.

I could see Niall , Sasha and Harry . They were in the middle of waking up and sleeping.

Everything's fin-

Wait .

Where's lea and zayn .


Are they okay ?!

Damn . They were at the exactly place where the bus crashed. On the window , right side. Behind. Are they dead. I got together all my strenghts and said:

"Where are zayn and Lea ?"

The doctor came to me.

"Erm ... They..."

"THEY DEATH?!" , i asked worried.

"No ... they are really bad.. Zayn's waking up ... but he has a head trauma , broke some ribs ... a leg ..."

"And the girl ?"

"Hum... She ..."

"SHE WHAT ?!" i was getting impatient -

"She's in coma."
























The guys and Sasha heard.

"NOO !! MY BEST FRIEND !! ITS NOT... NOT POSSIBLEE!!", sasha yelled.

That was strong.

Niall tried to comfort her.

"Hey Darling , she'll be fine.    She'll be fine"

But he couldent hide his crying and fear.

"What should we do ? " Harry asked crying.

"I guess wait." Louis answered

The room was in silence .

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