Last First Kiss (1D fanfic)

On their way to a 1D show, Lea and Sasha , two best friends, have a car accident. Sasha survives with almost no damage, but Lea ... Lea stays with amnesia . What is going to make her remember at all ? Sasha has an idea that could change her lfe. Maybe a show ...


7. coma .

The room was silent.
"oh god.", liam said.
They all waited three hours until a voice killed the killer silence.
"we have good and bad news", the doctor said.
"Good first. Please", harry answered. Liam was still too weak. But he was crying anyways.
"the good is, zayn is almost recovered, like you all. The bad news. . . The girl is still on coma. She was really covering zayn's face with hers. We already know she broke four ribs, a leg and arm. She has a head trauma and broke her face. And the right foot. She's pretty bad."doctor finished.
"but. THATS IMPOSSIBLE!", sasha started too cry even harder, so has the rest of the boys. She took her phone and started pressing numbers.
"who are you calling?", niall said, grabing her arm.
"Her parents. They have to know."
she waited to someone to accept the call.
"hey, mrs. Hopkins?. . .yeah, we left the show. . . We. . .Had a car accident. . . Yeah. Were in the hospital. . .", she started crying. "look. Calm down. Please. I have some injuries but lea. . . She. . . She didnt die. . . She is in coma. And broke almost every bone. . . Come here please. . .Okay. . . Room 307. Hum, bye, huuun."
"What did they say?", louis asked.
"they are devastated. Theyre coming to the hospital.".
An ambulance sirene screams.
Two persons were going to a room.
Sasha- oh my god.
She ran to a paramedic. Niall tried to stop her, but he hurted his knee.
Sasha came back crying . She sat on the floor, even tough her foot was broken.
She started to breathin louder and faster.
"T-those are Lea's p-parents", sasha said between tears. "they died"

liam- oh god.

Hey sorry im not updating that much. Ill be posting regularly.
Kisses, lollypops <3
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