Ratchet: Childhood on Veldin

What happened to Ratchet when he was growing up on Veldin? Hopefully this story will answer some of those questions...


2. Epilogue


/A.N. Crap title I know XD but it's surprisingly accurate./

Bang bang bang bang!

Elizabeth Spinster sighed and set her reading glasses down, replacing them with the comically large pair that was for normal use. The insistent knocking at the door seemed to grow more desperate with every passing second. With tremendous effort, she heaved herself into a standing position and limped as fast as her elderly frame would allow her. She pulled at the heavy duty locks that protected the orphanage from the nasty bitey things that lived outside. The door swung open.

"Oh thank you thank you!" A young-ish male Lombax (perhaps late twenties, early thirties?) stood in front of her, shaking, bleeding badly and holding something in his arms. "Please look after my son! I don't know how long I'll be gone, or if I'll even come back, but please! Look after him!"

Eliza took the 'something' and held him tightly to her huge bosom, and her maternal instincts took over. She gazed down at the little bundle of fluff in her arms, and her face softened. He was so tiny (from what she could tell)… by her vague judgements he was only about half the length of a ruler. His long fluffy ears that looked like they would over-balance him drooped as far as they would go. His eyes looked to big for his little face, and were the clearest emerald green she had ever seen. On his face was a fiercely worried, frightened expression.

"Is…is he meant to be this small?" She blurted out. Eliza knew little about Lombaxes and their general looks, but this one seemed so abnormally tiny….

"Oh…. He was... really early." He bowed his head. "Here…" The Lombax practically thrust a cheque for 2000 bolts and an over-sized Omni-Wrench 8000 into her free right hand (all Veldinians are left handed). "Give the wrench to him when he's old enough. I have to go now." He started to hurry away, limping heavily on an injured leg.

"Wait! At least let me get you some nanotech…" She called after him.

"There's no time. Thank you so much!" He called. How odd…

Eliza closed and re-locked the door. The infant in her arms blinked at her, and his little pink mouth opened in a fearful squeak, showing tiny needle sharp teeth. She smiled sadly down at him, and jiggled him gently in her arm.

"Let's find you somewhere to sleep," She said softly, and purposefully marched down the corridor to an airing cupboard, from which she took a small fleecy blanket and various other items of bedding. She made her way back to her own room, and settled the child into a makeshift bed in the corner. He fell asleep almost instantly, his tail drooping over his face. With each breath he exhaled, he blew the tuft forward and back. She smiled.

"Oh… he didn't tell me your name!" Eliza suddenly thought out loud. Suddenly she took proper notice of the wrench she was grasping in her right hand and smiled again. She leaned forward and kissed the sleeping baby on the forehead. "Goodnight…..Ratchet."

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