There is a new world being formed and this is just the start.

“I don’t know were to start, suddenly it’s a world with out adults and normal has crashed, it seems there’s no help on the way,”

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1. prologe

"I stand outside while it's snowing,
 listening to only the wind thats blowing.
 I simply pray that there is a fix,
 like paper, glass and broken sticks.
 Why did you have to go away,                      
 i would had done anything for you to stay.
Time flew by. Now I walk alone,             
 hard as plastic, wood and stone."

unnown auther


“Never in my life have I felt like this. My blood has turned to ice, I am cold somehow hot. I am battered, beaten, bruised but I’m to week to even think about stopping the internal bleeding,”


“My name is Jessica Greenwood.”


“I’m here with Olivia trying to help but there are so many kids, so many home alone crying, screaming for their parents, wondering were they are,”


“I’m Jack smith,”

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