There is a new world being formed and this is just the start.

“I don’t know were to start, suddenly it’s a world with out adults and normal has crashed, it seems there’s no help on the way,”

read on to find out more...


3. 3:01 jessica


All day I had been waiting all day for school to finish. when it finally did i could feel a sense of relief and hear a chorus of cheering. I walked out of school with the teacher’s loud shouting in ringing in my ears. It was end of term and some of the younger students had taken that for granted.


I looked at my watch, 8:28 I was going to miss my after school gymnastics club so I picked up my pace. But then I stopped. What was that bizarre sound? It seemed to be coming from over head. I looked up. It was only a plane. But something was not quit right…


I screamed but I knew that it wouldn’t stop anything. The plane started to fall. I looked around but there was no adults to be seen, there was no hero to save me from what was coming, no one to save my life. There was no point trying to run as ether way it would hit me, there was no time to move, so I just let it fall. What could I do?

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