There is a new world being formed and this is just the start.

“I don’t know were to start, suddenly it’s a world with out adults and normal has crashed, it seems there’s no help on the way,”

read on to find out more...


2. 2:58pm jack

“Ooh, look at that mounting, Jack.” Olivia pointed out.

“yes Olivia, it’s the same one you pointed out five minutes ago” we were finally going on holiday. Although it was one of mum’s business flights and we were allowed to tag along too. It was Olivia’s first ever holiday. As she was only six, she was very excited about the fact she was really on a plane. Not that I wasn’t it was just that i was nearly 13 and it wasnt like me to get really excited.

"where's mum." olivia asked

“she’s just in the toilet over there. She’ll back soon, don’t worry.” I answered as I looked across at the toilets behind us. Then I noticed a boy across the isle from us. He was sneaking into the control room.


He looked like a smart boy and had scruffy hair with glasses. What was he doing? I looked around for the flight control assistants but they were no were to be seen. Someone would stop him. So I got up and went to go look for mum instead. I banged on the door.

"Mum you ok." I said and waited for an answer but no reply came.

"Mum! Are you in th...." I quickly turned around.


The door of the control room burst open and a voice came shouting through.

“there gone, every ones gone!” It was the boy. I looked around to check but there was no adults in sight. It was just me, Olivia, the boy, a small girl and a baby.

“I’ll do the best I can to keep the plane on track.” The boy continued nervously while trying to make his way back into the control room.


Suddenly the plane made a massive jolt and the plain veered on its side. The baby started crying.

“Olivia put your seat belt on now!” I screamed as I ran to the baby and pulled it into my arms. Then I ran to the girl and through her to my side trying not to hurt her.


The plane made a huge thrust making me loose balance. I ran for my seat. By this time Olivia was crying, with the baby in one arm, I hugged too girls to the side of me in the other and hoped for all my might.

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