Love Doesen't Exist + Unless It's With You

Sky wasn't a normal girl. She craved for human blood. She swore not to love anyone , if she did then . . . It would be a matter of life and death. But what happens when she meets Niall ? . . . . . . . . .


2. It's Him

My old tacky shoe boots crunching gently in the cold snow. I was ready for what was ahead of me. I always was. I was trained to. I had everything right here. I never knew something important could change everything.

"I've got this and that, check, okay" I smiled proudly at how responsible I was. Haha I ju- - - - Ughhhhhhh. Gosh I can ' t need blood now ! Can I ?

I tugged at my old grey wooly jumper, slowing down. My head cracking a few bones as my head looked up. This is time . . I gotta enter the city. Be ready Sky . . for someone human blood. I cracked a evil grin at my own thought.

I ran into the road, ignoring the beeps of annoying horns, city lights glowing into my just - about emerald eyes. This is so annoying just ho - - -

I looked up as my forehead smoothed agaisnt a rock - hard one. " Watch it you dumbass! Gosh you just fucking hurt my forehead!" I smirked while I saw who it was. I smirked even more untill I couldn ' t hold it in. I bursted out laughing in his face.

" What ? Do you know who I am ? I could sue you from your job y ' know and . . "

"What ? ! Save it . . if I see you again your raw meat." I saw the fear in his eyes and grinned. I smelt his blood. Mhm so good . . If only we was alone . . .

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