A new life

Destiny is a normal 18 year old until she moves to London. Then her life changes when she meets One Direction. One of them take an interest to Destiny but does she love him back?


1. One

Destiny's POV 

Right now I'm packing to live my life in London. You see the nearest job available is in London and I live in California. My best friend Lexi is also coming to live with me.


That's probably Lexi. As I opened the door Lexi greeted me with a huge bear hug and asked "Are you ready?" I smiled and nodded. "Just let me get my bags okay" I told Lexi with a smile. 

As I ran up the stairs I heard the kitchen door slam. I hovered at the top of the stairs and heard my mums voice "Look after her I don't trust her". WHAT!?!?!?!?!? my own mother doesn't trust me. I  grab my suitcase and carry on. I put the handle up and slung my carry on over my shoulder and shut my door. This would be the last time I see this room of a while. I forced my mouth to smile and walked down the stairs. I had to pretend to be happy as if I didn't hear anything. 

Lexi's POV 

I packed my bags and slung them in the purple mini my parents had bought for me when I passed my driving test. I said goodbye to my parents and my little sister Joanna. I had to be brave if not for my sake for Joanna's. She asked to come with me but I  told her I would be back soon and if she was a good girl I would get her a plane ticket so she could come and see me. As I said that she started to smile.

I grabbed my sunnies and my straw hat and got in my car. My mother was coming so she could take the car back to the house. We sped down the highway and took a left exiting the highway. It took about 20 minutes so it weren't that long. As I reached Destiny's house I knocked 3 times and she opened the door. I flung my arms around her and as if she was ready she just smiled and nodded. As she ran upstairs to get her bags her mother came out of the kitchen with a butchers knife in her hand she held it against my neck. The blade was cold and sharp. "Look after her I don't trust her" she said to me the blade still against my neck. I was frightened of her before but now I was terrified. "Yes" I replied in a whisper. Just as her mother left Destiny came down the stairs with a smile so I put on a fake one.

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