What's Gonna Make You Fall? (A Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

Harry Styles' has a best friend named Jarmaine Evans. They haven't seen each other since the X-factor days started until this present time. Before X-factor, Harry was SECRETLY inloved with Jarmaine, but unfortunately, Jarmaine doesn't want to get in loved anymore, due to the fact that she always get heartbroken in her relationships. Could Harry win her heart or he'll just let their relationship as BESTFRIENDS and it's just it? Read to know. ;))


3. Planning and Failing.

Jarmaine's POV

I woke up at a very unfamiliar room. I scanned the place, white walls, brown carpet, closets. Then I remembered,

Harry brought me to London.

I grinned and I eyed my bags at the corner of the room. I walked towards it and went to find something to wear.

What's the event today? Hmmm....

Ah! I'm going to meet the lads!

I've decided to wear something casual yet presentable. I ended up holding a loose navy blue sweater, ripped denim shorts, and a black tank top. I grabbed my bathroom necessities and headed to the bathroom. I did my business and slid onto my new set of clothes. I blow dried my hair, brushed it, and let it down. I got out of the bathroom and wore my blue flip-flops.

I grabbed my phone at the nightstand and checked if anyone sent me a text. Then I saw Harry left me a message.

From: Harry:) 

Hey maine! If you are awake, the lads and I are at the living room. Just in case that you are finding us. ;) Xx


I smiled and placed my phone at my pocket. I opened the door and walked silently at the living room to find the lads watching Toy Story. I saw the familiar blonde eating chips, the jet black haired is busy with his phone, the brunette was focused at the TV, the one in stripes is teasing the curly. I smiled at the lads and remembering that this is the first time I'm going to meet them personally, well, except for Lou and Harry.

I cleared my throat, signalling everyone that I'm already there. They all turned their heads towards my direction and before I know it, I was squeezed into a bear hug. Lou.

"G'morniiiing, Love!" he greeted and I chuckled.

"Hey, Boo! I should be the one to hug her, I'm her best friend!" I heard Harry complained and I laughed. Then Louis poked out his tongue at him which caused me to laugh harder.

"Morning, lads!" I greeted and they hugged me one by one, and the last was Harry, who is also the longest one.

"Harry, you can let go now..." I said and I felt him shook his head.

"No-uh." he said childishly and I chuckled.

"Harry!" I shouted and he let go. I laughed as he pouted.

"C'mon, I'm famished." I said and I saw, Niall's face lit.

"FOOD!" he cheered and I grinned.

"Let's go!" Liam said and we all piled up at a van.

"So, where are we going to eat?" I asked and they all thought for a moment except for Niall.

"NANDO'S!" he shouted and all of the lads shook their heads.

"Niall, we already had Nando's yesterday. Let's go for something else." Zayn said and Niall pouted.

"I know! Taco bell!" Harry said and Lou shook his head.

"We had Tacos yesterday before we go to Holmes Chapel." Lou said and Harry pouted. Then I sighed in frustration, I'm totally famished.

"Let's just take McDonald's." I said and they all chuckled.

Then Liam started the car and we waited patiently. Then I felt Harry's hand snake onto mine's. Then I looked up at him and he was grinning while looking at the window. I smirked silently and rolled my eyes.

I secretly love him but I know I can't. Weird, huh?

But I can't love him despite of the fact that I promised myself that I'm not going to fall in love again.

And I can't ruin our friendship.


Harry's POV

As I held Jarmaine's hand. I can't help but grin. I enjoyed the moment holding her soft hand. I know I can't be her boyfriend.

And that was the worst part.

I can't be her's and she can't be mine.

But, I want her to realize that I'm not the kind of guy who'll break her heart. I'm not going to do that to her. I'll make the best boyfriend to her and ending up as her lovable husband.

Woah, so much for wishing Harry. She's not even your girlfriend... YET.

But anyways, I'll do my best to make it real.

"Harry...? HAAAARRYYYY...?" I was snapped out of thought by a waving hand in front of my face.

"...uh?" I asked

"You've been staring at me for like 5 minutes and it's freaking me out." Jarmaine said and I felt my face heat up. Oh gawd, Harry! It's not manly to blush. Fuck.

"Creep." Jarmaine teased and ran out of the van. I didn't felt that the van stopped, seriously.

I stepped out of the van an all of us went inside the food chain.

"I'll order all of it so that you wouldn't get recognized." Jarmaine offered. Harry, do something!

"I'll go with you." I said and she shook her head.

"No, Harry. You'll get recognized." she said and I gave my best puppy eyes and pouted childishly.

"Please? I'm wearing a beanie and I'll wear my glasses. I won't get recognized. Trust me, if you won't let me, you'll get busy, carrying so much food especially that Niall's going to order A LOT of food..." I said

"HEY!" I heard Niall defended and I didn't mind him.

"Please?" I pleaded with my hands together.

"Ughh, fine." Jarmaine said and rolled her eyes. I mentally fist pumped in the air. Then the lads gave their orders.

"C'mon." I said and we headed at the cashier.

"I know you wouldn't resist me. I'm too adorable." I said cheekily.

"Wow, you're so modest." she said sarcastically and rolled her eyes.

"If you keep rolling your eyes, it will stay like that." I said and she sighed.

"Gee, thanks." she said, again, sarcastically and rolled her eyes.

"See! You're doing it again!" I complained jokingly and she glared at me.

"Stop teasing, it's time for us to order." she said and shoved me to face the crew.

"Good morning, ma'am and sir! Can I have your orders?" the crew said cheerfully and we said our orders. I wonder, how many times does the crew have to say that in a day without losing energy? We waited for a few minutes for the food to arrive.

"So, how was everything when I was gone?" I asked.

"Everything's fine. I graduated. It's normal." she said.

"How was your suitors?" I asked jokingly and she chuckled.

"They're fine. The gave up when we graduated. They knew that they don't have a chance." she said. I smiled at the realization that she haven't fallen in love to anyone. But the thing is, she doesn't love me back as much as I do.

"Well, are you really gonna keep your promise?" I asked and she looked at me.

"What promise?" she asked.

"That you are not going to fall in love ever again." I said and she sighed.

"Oh, that. Well, maybe. I might be a nun when we grow older." she joked and I chuckled.

"And probably you get married and I'll be your bridesmaid." she added.

Or maybe you'll be my bride. I thought.

"What?" she asked and I looked at her.

"What?" I asked

"I heard you mutter something. Or maybe I'm just hallucinating." she said. Oops, did I said it out loud? I swear, I just thought of it.

"Yeah, probably." I said and then the food arrived. We picked up the trays and went towards the lads.

"Ah! Finally! I'm starving!" Niall said

"YOU ALWAYS WERE." all of us said and he glared at us.

"Sheesh, thanks." he said and we chuckled.

-------------------------After eating-------------------------

We went home right after we ate. I was planning to tell everyone to watch a horror movie.


So that Jarmaine will snuggle up to me.


Oh gawd, Harry, you're so clever.

I mentally laughed evilly at my plan.


As we enter the flat, everyone plopped at the couches. I smirked silently.

"Hey, let's watch something!" I cheered and everyone looked at me.

"Okay, what kind of movie?" Liam asked and walked over at the shelf, full of CDs.

"Hmmm. How about horror?" I asked and everyone nodded, except for Jarmaine. She's not a fan of scary movies.

"Oh no. I'm not gonna join you, guys." she said, shooking her head furiously.

"Oh come on, Maine! It's just a movie!" I said and pleaded. She sighed.

"Fine. But I will not watch the entire movie, I'll probably snuggle to... Zayn! Yeah! He's huggable!" She said and ran to Zayn and hugged him tightly.




I frowned slightly at her. She was supposed to be snuggling to me. My plan is a failure. Liam picked The Exorcist and set it to the CD player. We all watched, well, apart from me, I was distracted by Jarmaine's tight grip to Zayn. And she's screaming.

After the movie, most of us we're heading to our rooms, except for Zayn, who can't get out of Jarmaine's tight grip.

"Maine, it's just a movie..." Zayn said. HEY! I was the only one calling Jarmaine with her nickname!

"Yeah... W-what if... S-she showed up...B-beside my bed?!" she asked, sounding horrified.

"Don't worry, we've got your back..." Zayn said while chuckling. I rolled my eyes and went to my room.

I don't know why I'm slightly irritated. But I just can't help it.

"What happened to you?" Lou asked. I forgot that he was there.

"Nothing." I said while gritting my teeth.

"You're as red as a tomato. You sure you're not fuming about Jarmaine, who is still snuggled to Zayn?" he asked and I looked at him and sighed in frustration.

"Thought so." he said and smirked.

"It's just... Why does it have to be him? I'm here though." I complained and ran my hands through my hair.

"Gee, it's not like you're always the one." Lou said and I didn't responded.

"Or maybe she likes Zayn..." he muttered and I glared at him.

"What?" he asked, holding his laugh.

"Zayn must be better than you in Jarmaine's eyes." he said and wiggled his eyebrows.

"Stop it." I mumbled and Louis laughed.

"Sheesh, I was just kidding. You're cute when you're jealous." he said

"Me? JEALOUS? No way." I said and laughed fakingly.

"Yeah, right." Louis said and rolled his eyes.

"Fine. Maybe, I am." I said and Lou smirked.

"Just wait, Harry. You might get better soon." Louis said and winked.


It's already 12 midnight and I can't sleep. How come Lou is sleeping well? I sighed and stood up. I walked quietly and got out of the bedroom. I looked at the hallways, which is empty and sighed. Now, I'm bored.

Suddenly, I saw a light coming from Jarmaine's room. I raised my eyebrow and went towards her room. I knocked once and piped my head in. I saw Jarmaine covered with her duvet and her face is the only one seen. I chuckled and went inside her room and closed the door.

"What happened to you?" I asked and she shook her head furiously.

"She might be here. And if she is. Her head might be spinning. I'm scared." Jarmaine said and I chuckled.

"C'mon, go back to sleep. It's just a movie." I said

"But I can't. I'm too scared." she complained and I came up with the brightest idea. *evil laugh*

"Fine. I'll sleep with you, alright?" I said and she nodded. I sat on the couch and I was about to close my eyes when she suddenly spoke.


"Hmm?" I answered. Then she patted her side of the bed and I mentally grinned. I stood up and walked towards the bed and went under the sheets. I reached up and flicked off the lights. Then the dark covered us. I reached for her petite body and hugged her gently. She didn't hesistate and later on, I went into a deep sleep.


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