What's Gonna Make You Fall? (A Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

Harry Styles' has a best friend named Jarmaine Evans. They haven't seen each other since the X-factor days started until this present time. Before X-factor, Harry was SECRETLY inloved with Jarmaine, but unfortunately, Jarmaine doesn't want to get in loved anymore, due to the fact that she always get heartbroken in her relationships. Could Harry win her heart or he'll just let their relationship as BESTFRIENDS and it's just it? Read to know. ;))


4. Morning Craziness. (Read the Author's Note!)

Jarmaine's POV


I was awakened by hearing soft snores near me. I fluttered by eyes open to reveal a sleeping Harry. His arms were around my waist, his curls were down covering his eyes, and his lips were slightly open.

He's so peaceful when he's asleep.

Then, I remembered something...


*Flashback, 9 years ago...*


I opened my eyes, and felt some arms around my waists, I looked up to see a snoring Harry. I giggled at him and his eyes flew open.

"What are you laughing about?" he asked, his morning voice audible.

"Your snores are so loud!" I joked and he pouted.

"They're not loud!" he defended and I laughed.

"But I heard it and they are!" I defended back and he smirked.

"You'll get used to it, Maine." he said and winked.

"Nahhh..." I said and poked my tongue out.

"You will!" he chirped and I giggled and raised my eyebrow.

"How?" I asked.

"Well, I'm going to marry you when we grow older." he said simply and I frowned.

"How's that going to make me used to your loud snores?" I said and restrained my laughs.

"Hey! Well, I'm not really sure but when people get married, they stay together forever? So, I think that." he said and I nodded my head slowly.

"Ohhh... So, that's why my mum and dad are together! I get it. Well, when we get married, we are going to stay together forever, right?" I asked and he nodded proudly.

"Yup! Then, we'll build a castle full of cotton candies and gummy bears and marshmallows and chocolates and many more!" he cheered, his eyes showing happiness and excitement.

"Yeah! And we'll have tea parties with Mr. turtle, Mr. and Mrs. Bear, Ms. Piggy, and Dr. Bunny!" I chirped and he sat up. He grabbed my hand and started pulling me up.

"Come on! Come on! Let's go tell our mums our plans then they are going to let us get married soon!" Harry said and I intertwined my hands with his and we ran outside of his room and went to the living area to tell our mums our amazing plans.


*End of Flashback*


I never realized that I was smiling while I remembered that Harry and I used to plan that we're going to get married. If I can go back in time and see the little Harry and I, I would have probably pinched their cheeks. We have such cute memories.

Then right on cue, Harry's eyes opened and he smiled as he saw me staring at him.

"G'morning." I mumbled and smiled.

"Good morning." he said, his raspy morning voice audible, which sounds very sexy.




Can't I say that my best friend's voice is sexy?


Especially, when he just woke up?


Gee, don't think like that.


Haha, just kidding.


"So, why are you staring at me while I'm asleep?" he asked and smiled cheekily.

"Well, Mr. Styles, sorry if I was staring at you but you really snore loud and I can't help but to stare at you and laugh at it." I said in an as-a-matter-of-fact tone.

"Hey!" he commented.

"Is for horses." I added and grinned.

"I don't snore that loud." he defended.

"Yeah, and I'm deaf to say it's loud." I said and he raised his eyebrow.

"Are you sassing me?" he asked and I rolled my eyes and smirked.

"Nope, I'm not sassing you, isn't it obvious?" I said sarcastically. He leaned towards my ear.

"Wrong move..." he whispered and before I knew it, he started tickling my sides.


And just so you know, I'm the most ticklish person.


"H-HARRY! S-STOP!" I managed to say between my laughs.

"Nu-uh!" he said and continued tickling me.

"H-HARRY!" laughs "OH M-MY G-GOSH, HA-HARRY!" laughs "STOP IT!" laughs "H-HARRY! IT--IT H-HURTS A-ALREADY!" laughs "HARRY!" laughs. That was all I said/shouted until someone knocked loud at the door.

"CAN YOU KEEP IT DOWN?! THERE ARE PEOPLE SLEEPING! AND PLEASE, STOP MAKING BABIES! I'M TOO YOUNG TO BE AN UNCLE!" I heard someone shouted at the door. Harry and I looked at each other before laughing hard.

"WE'RE NOT MAKING BABIES, LOU!" Harry shouted back and I continued laughing.


"LOU! WE ARE NOT DOING SEX!" Harry shouted back then Louis barged in. He gasped as he saw Harry and I's position.

Oh by the way, Harry's on top of me since he was tickling me a while ago.

And normally, he sleeps without a shirt on.

And as for me, I'm wearing a tank top and shorts.


So, you get the picture.


"Harry, explain?" Louis said in a motherly tone. And I can't help but laugh at it. Harry got off me and walked towards Lou, laughing. I can tell Lou's about to laugh but he was restraining it.

"Lou, I-it's not wh-what it looks like..." Harry said between his laughs.

"Then, why are you shirtless, Jarmaine's...well, in pyjamas, and both of you have sex hair?!" he interrogated. Jarmaine and I looked at each other. Well, she does have sex hair, but probably because she moves a lot while sleeping.

"We just woke up, okay?" I said.

"So, you two woke up then had sex? Way to start the day." he sassed and I face palmed and laughed.

"We are not having sex, gee!" Jarmaine defended then laughed.

"If you say so, but in case you two are lying, I hope you used protection. Well, I'm off downstairs, if you two are done making babies, go down and eat breakfast." He said and walked out of the room but stopped.

"Oh, and by the way, the lads recorded the whole screaming and shouting thing, so we have proof that you two are doing 'sex'." he said and air quoted then walked out of the room and shut the door closed.

Harry and I burst out laughing.

"Well, I'm going to get changed. See ya later, Maine." Harry said and I nodded. He left the room, leaving me. I sighed and went towards the closet to grab something to wear.

I've decided to wear a brown tank top, white knit sweater, and light washed shorts. I grabbed a new set of undergarments and went straight to the bathroom.

After 30 minutes, I was done doing my morning businesses. I went out of the bathroom and went downstairs and saw all of the lads eating.

"Good morning!" I chirped and they all looked at me and burst out laughing except Harry. I rolled my eyes and grabbed a toast and sat beside Harry.


This is going to be a long day.
A/N: HEEEEYA! Sorry I haven't updated in a VERRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYYY LONG TIME. Because I was busy at school and now, it's been a month already since our vacation started. I'm so sorry to keep you waiting. Anyways, I'm going to set this on-hold for a while, since I am in my writer's block and I need more ideas. So, I hope you could wait. Remember, I'll set this on-hold.


Thanks! Love you all lots!


~Lore<3 xx


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