It's Your Time Now

Okay basically, I am a huge fan and supporter of Michael Phelps. Take away the fact that he's one of the greatest athletes ever and the greatest swimmer, I also thinks he's an adorable little monkey. Now, his "friendship" with Allison Schmitt is probably the only thing I actually love more than him and I think they need to get married right now and have mermaid babies asap, so this is my Allison Schmitt/Michael Phelps fanfiction.


1. Reunited



50, 100, 150, 200... I counted the metres I swam staring at the straight, bold black line on the bottom of the pool, thinking about the different things I needed to do and things I needed to buy after training while different songs played in my head trying to keep me from going insane. I don't know why I had come to training early, I knew Bob and the others weren't going to be here for at least another hour but I guess it was a way of getting out of my crowded apartment. Ever since all the hype and attention died down after London, I seemed to fall into a bit of a slump. I wouldn't say a depression, not at all. I didn't even think that word was in my vocabulary, but I just definitely wasn't happy and this needed to change real quick. But how?

I rested against the wall, as I stared at the swaying water deciding whether to do some more laps of a different stroke, or whether to get out of the freezing water and do some stretches. I dunked my head under the water, and decided that the bitterly cold water had lost and I would wait until I absolutely had to get back in. I pulled myself out of the water, and reached for my towel eagerly ready to dry myself off. I quickly dried myself off and ripped my cap and goggles off ready to do some warm up stretches. As I had bent over to stretch my hamstrings, I felt a burning slap on my back and quickly I felt myself falling towards the water. My body made impact with the cold water as I fell into the pool and as quickly as I had fallen in, I jumped up ready to abuse the person who had pushed me in. As I came up out of the water, I noticed the familiar tall, bearded figure that was looking down at me smiling. 

"Michael!" I screamed as I swam towards the side of the pool. I quickly jumped out of the water and hurried towards my former swimming partner. We threw our arms around each other, and stood together in the embrace for quite some time. 

"My god I've missed your hugs." He laughingly said as he pulled away from our hug that I had likewise missed. "how are you? back at training already?" 

"You know how Bob is Mike!" I stared at him wondering if he had already forgotten what it was like to be an Olympic swimming due to his retirement. Sheepishly, he looked down at his feet and laughed. "Well actually, I haven't forgotten, in fact I thought I would join you today." 

Quickly, I took hold of his shoulder shaking him. "You're coming back!?" I couldn't imagine what it would be like to have him with me in the 2016 Rio Olympics and I wanted to cry at the thought. But the idea was ruined quickly though, as he laughed at me shaking himself out of my hold. 

"No you idiot. I just felt like seeing you all and having a bit of a dip. Then, I'm gonna go eat whatever I want and sleep for however long I want" he mocked me as he smiled. "Also, I wanted to invite you to a bit of a get together I'm having at mom's place this weekend. Bit of a post-Olympic celebration for us." 

"Michael, the Olympics ended 2 months ago." I reminded him laughing even though I understood why it would have to be so late. 

"Shut up you, this was the only time everyone would be able to come together. So are you in or not?" I smiled at him, nodding at him assuring him that I would be there. We stood silently for a while looking at each other both understanding that there was no uncomfortable feeling, but there was definitely a different feeling. I broke the stare, wrapping my arms around his torso and resting my head on his chest. "I've really missed you." I whispered. Softly, he kissed the top of my head and whispered "I've missed you too Schmitty."

It was true. I really had missed him. A lot.

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