It's Not Just Pretend-Niall Horan Fanfic

I'm pretty sure you've heard of One Direction? Who hasn't? They're the hottest boyband on the planet. If you know them you definitely know my best friend,Niall Horan.(Aka The Irish One.) I have an advice for everyone that may come in handy for those who have a famous friend and you and him are madly in love with each other , DON'T AGREE TO FAKE DATE THEM! I'M WARNING YOU! I went down that path. Hi I'm Rachael Kelly, and this is the story of how I (accidently) fell for my best friend.


4. What's going on?





The boys have an interview today on the Ricki McLane Show. We arrived 2 hours prior to the interview. The boys had to get prepared. Michaela and I wanted to see what backstage was like(Don't judge us. ) so we followed them.

It was just as interesting as I thought it would be. People with those headset thingies that make me jealous that I don't have one…This blonde girl around my age walked up to us. She was about 3 or 4 inches taller than Michaela and I(We are only 5'5").

"Hi! I'm Robyn Trenton, the young and beautiful makeup artist/assistant stylist/hair person."The blonde said in a joking manner."Ms. Teasdale, the head stylist, isn't in today. "She smiled at us. 2 hours later she finished.

The boys went on stage. Michaela and I watched from backstage.

(Author:R-Ricky Lane N-Niall Li-Liam Lo-Louis Z-Zayn H-Harry)

R-Hi boys glad you could join us.

Li-We are glad to be here.

R-So first off, I am going to ask the clichést and most obvious question on earth:Who's taken and who's single? And if you are taken, by who?

Li-I'm single.

Lo-Taken by Eleanor Calder.

Z-Taken by Perrie Edwards.

H-I'm single but have an eye on this one girl.

R-Ooh! Can we have a hint on who this is?

H-(thinks for a second) I can't think of a way to describe her.

R-That's ok. Now Nialler, your turn.

N-(gulps)Taken by Rachael Kelly.

The boys looked all shocked by this information. Michaela was too. She looked at me. 


The boys continued to be interviewed by Ricki Lane. Some of the questions were serious, but a lot of them were silly and made the audience laugh. After the interview, we went back to my house. We were going to watch a movie. We all sat in the living room. Harry,Michaela,Niall, and I sat on the couch and Louis, Niall, and I sat on the floor.

"A scary movie?" Louis suggested. Michaela shook her head quickly. Michaela hates scary movies.

"Aww what's wrong? Too scared?" Harry teased with a smirk. Michaela punched his arm.

"I'm not afraid of anything. I just don't particularly like that movie genre." Michaela defended. Harry rolled his eyes.

"Of course that's the reason." Harry looked at Michaela in disbelief. Oh My Gosh they should totally date.

"LET"S WATCH PSYCHO!" Me and Niall said at the same time. "JINX" 

"Aww the couple is so cute. " Michaela awwed. "The couple that none of us knew were together." Her face got all serious. "Explain. NOW." Michaela being the slightly older sister has a bossy side.

Niall and I looked at each other. Niall was about to explain but I spoke up, knowing that Niall isn't a very convincing liar. "Niall and I kept in touch while he was gone and I fell for him. When he came back, he asked me out." I gave Niall the best googly eyes I could muster."

"Why did you tell anyone?" Liam asked.

Niall decided to speak, "We wanted a big way to surprise you guys." I nodded in agreement.

"So you just drop this bomb on national television?" Harry asked.

"Pretty much." I said.

"Unbelievable." Michaela said very quietly. "You don't even bother to tell your own sister." Michaela gazed up at me, eyes full of sadness.

" I just wanted to surprise you." I tried to justify myself, but it was no use. Michaela was just too stubborn. No matter what I say.

Michaela rolled her eyes. "Whatever. I don't even care anymore." LIES! "Let's watch a comedy. I hate scary movies."

"Yeah right, Michaela. I bet you are terrified of them." Harry probably enjoyed pestering Michaela. Michaela scowled at Harry. 

Michaela hit Harry with a pillow.

"Ow!" Harry whined 10 seconds after being hit. "That hurt!

"Late reaction much?"





Me: How long has it been since I've updated?

Readers: SIX MONTHS!



Guys I'm so sorry. My computer cord was taken because my mom's cords keep shorting out. (Why does this only happen to her I will never know.) Movellas erased my originally draft of this chapter so I had to rewrite it. :? The first have of this chapter was the old chapter because that chapter was too short. Happy early Easter er'body. 

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