It's Not Just Pretend-Niall Horan Fanfic

I'm pretty sure you've heard of One Direction? Who hasn't? They're the hottest boyband on the planet. If you know them you definitely know my best friend,Niall Horan.(Aka The Irish One.) I have an advice for everyone that may come in handy for those who have a famous friend and you and him are madly in love with each other , DON'T AGREE TO FAKE DATE THEM! I'M WARNING YOU! I went down that path. Hi I'm Rachael Kelly, and this is the story of how I (accidently) fell for my best friend.


2. "They?"


Niall's in town! Michaela is driving me in my car to the airport. And yes, I am a 18 year old that has her own car but can't even drive it. Don't judge me. I couldn't keep still. I can't wait to see my now famous best friend. I haven't seen him in a little over 2 years! He's been too busy. 

"I can see you're excited?" Michaela asked. I nodded quickly.

"Hell Yeah!" Michaela chuckled. I was serious though. I yawned. I was growing tired. My eyes began to droop as I fell into a sleep full of dreams.


"Guess who?"I hear a familiar voice ask. Hmmm. I wonder who it is.(Note the sarcasm.) I smile and fake gasp.

"Iron Man?" I answer jokingly. Niall uncovers my eyes.

"Nope."He says. I grin and lean in to kiss him.

Right before our lips touch the scene changes.

I am now on a boat. Niall's arms wrap around me. He kisses my cheek and I smile.

"How are you enjoying our honeymoon?" He asks me.

"I'm loving it Mr.Horan."He smiles.

"That's good Mrs.Horan." My smile widens. He leans in to kiss me. Just like before, right before our lips touched the scene changes again.

"Abigail Sophia Horan! Get back here!" I say playfully chasing my 3-year-old daughter. Abbey is giggling and running from me. The front door opens and Niall enters.

"Daddy!"Abigail says before running into Niall's arms.

"Hey sweetheart,"he says picking her up. "How are you?"

"I've been good daddy." Abbey says. She's so mature and talks extremely well for a 3-and a-half-year-old.

"That's good."He says and kisses her cheek. He gently puts her down. I rush to hug him.

"Hey babe." I say before kissing his cheek. He fake gasps.

"No kiss on the lips?" He says with a smirk. I smile, shake my head, and try to walk away. He grabs my hand and pulls me toward him. He leans in to kiss me...

Dream ends.

"RACHAEL!" Michaela yelled shaking me awake. When she realized I was awake, she stopped shaking me. I look around. We are outside the airport terminal building

"How did I-"

"I carried you." She said. I raised a eyebrow. 

"Are you serious?" She nodded.

"Dead. You're not that heavy y'know."She answered and poked my rib. She looked at her phone. "They should be here soon. They left something at Security." Huh?

"They?"I questioned confusedly. She smirked. 

"You'll see who 'they' are."She said mysteriously. 

"Why are we even out here? Zayn,weren't they supposed to be at Baggage Claim 5?" A high pitched voice asked.

"No Louis... It's Baggage Claim 3."Another voice, deeper than the other said.

"You're both wrong it's Baggage Claim 14.Right Liam?" A husky accented voice asked.

"Harry, it's definitely Baggage Claim 4." A deep British accented voice said.

"Guys. I see them over there." A familiar Irish voice said matter-of-factly. I smiled and turned around to see 5 boys. One of them, Niall. I ran to hug my best friend in the whole wide world.

"Hey Niall." I said as I pulled away from the hug with my smile still plastered on my face. Niall smiled at me.

"Hey Rachael! I'd like you to meet Louis, Zayn, Harry, and Liam," he said pointing to the other boys. Of course I knew who they were. I don't live under a rock. I waved to them.

"Hi! I'm Rachael Kelly,"I said and stuck my hand out for them to shake. They ignored my hand and hugged me.

"Nice to meet you Rachael!" They chorused. Their hug was getting too tight.

"C-C-Can't......B-Breathe." I said in a fake raspy voice, hoping that would make them let go. They did. But after 34 seconds! Harry then noticed my sister and tried to flirt with her.

"And you are?" He said in a flirty tone toward Michaela.

"Michaela." She said in a equally flirty tone. Oh  boy here we go again.

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