It's Not Just Pretend-Niall Horan Fanfic

I'm pretty sure you've heard of One Direction? Who hasn't? They're the hottest boyband on the planet. If you know them you definitely know my best friend,Niall Horan.(Aka The Irish One.) I have an advice for everyone that may come in handy for those who have a famous friend and you and him are madly in love with each other , DON'T AGREE TO FAKE DATE THEM! I'M WARNING YOU! I went down that path. Hi I'm Rachael Kelly, and this is the story of how I (accidently) fell for my best friend.


3. "No we're just friends-"


Me and Michaela carried, yes we carried, the boys into the house. They were heavy.

"Why are we carrying them?" I asked Michaela. Michaela shrugged."Why do you like carrying people?" Michaela laughed.

"Louis is the heaviest. " She said as we pulled Louis in the house.

"What do you expect? He is the oldest."

"True dat. " Michaela said in an urban American accent. She nailed it. I laughed. We soon finished putting all the boys on the couch. "We are done. We are done. " Michaela and I sang and danced around.


When they finally woke up, Niall was hungry. Should've expected that.

"Can you please come with me to McDonald's? Please?" Niall asked with puppy dog eyes. I couldn't say no.

"Sure Niall." Niall face lit up.

"Let's go now!" He said grabbing the keys and pulling me out the door. We hopped into my awesome van and drove to the nearest McDonald's. Niall ordered a lot of food. Typical Niall.

Authors note: Let the writing continue!

When we left McDonald's me and Niall went on a walk.

"Where are we going exactly?"I asked and pulled some hair out of my face. Niall shrugged.

"Nowhere exactly."He said nonchalantly. "Just want to walk around my hometown with my best friend." I smiled.

"You don't know how much I missed having someone to just goof off with. Michaela can be really mean!"I crossed my arms and pretended to be pouting. We both started laughing.I uncrossed my arms. We went in front of my favorite park.

"Want to go on the swings?"Niall asked. He should already know the answer.

"YES!"I replied and we ran to the swings childishly. I got on the swings and Niall pushed me.

"YAY!"I exclaimed kicking my feet back and forth, earning glares from an old couple. After a while Niall wanted to swing. So we switched, he swings I push. The sun slowly went down. We didn't notice. We were too busy being crazy. After a while we had to leave. The park was closing.

Niall and I got into the car and drove to my house.

The next day.

I was woken up by Michaela shaking me.

"What is it?"I said groggily, not noticing Michaela's serious facial expression.

"Come look."She said dragging me into the living room. She sat me on the couch and played the paused television.

"To start off this Juicy Apple show we'll start with some juicy gossip. You know One Direction's Niall Horan? It looks like Nialler finally found his princess with mystery girl."Said the TV reporter  My eyes widened.

"Atleast they don't know your name."Michael said comfortingly.

"Breaking News! Her name is Rachael Kelly. R-A-C-H-A-E-L and here are pics of Niall and her together aren't they adorable."The tv reporter corrected. There was loud noises coming from the door.

"I'll go check."I volunteered. I got up and opened the door. There stood a kajillion paparazzi and people who have "I hate Rachael Kelly" shirts. Wow. Word spreads fast.

"Rachael!Rachael! How long have you and Niall been an item?"One pap asked.

"Rachael! How come an ugly whore like you gets to be with my Niall?"One of the people that has the hate shirts on. I nearly cringed at her comment.


"What are we doing here?"Niall and I asked Dave, One Direction's manager.(Author's Note:Made up btw)

"You now that Juicy Apple show right? Well the rumor got sooo much positive feedback, that we need you guys to 'date'" Dave said putting air quotes around date.

"No we're just friends-"I started.

"We'll do it."


Author's Note: Is it better or worse?


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