It's Not Just Pretend-Niall Horan Fanfic

I'm pretty sure you've heard of One Direction? Who hasn't? They're the hottest boyband on the planet. If you know them you definitely know my best friend,Niall Horan.(Aka The Irish One.) I have an advice for everyone that may come in handy for those who have a famous friend and you and him are madly in love with each other , DON'T AGREE TO FAKE DATE THEM! I'M WARNING YOU! I went down that path. Hi I'm Rachael Kelly, and this is the story of how I (accidently) fell for my best friend.


1. Flashbacks


7 years ago

We finally arrived at our new house. My mum made Michaela and I sit in a car for CENTURIES while she drove. Michaela and I told her that if we took a plane we would get there faster. But nooo she decided to make us sit in a car. Michaela is my twin sister. Fraternal though. People still get us confused. I jumped out of the car.

"Geez calm down Rach." Michaela said as she slowly got out the car. I glared at her. Mum got out the car and hurried us to the front porch of our new house. 

"Wow this is amazing." I said in awe of the blue house's beauty. It was huge and Victorian-era like. It looked to big to be a regular house but slightly too small for a mansion. Michaela nodded slowly. 

"I know right?" Michaela said with shock covering her face. Mum opened the door and we ran inside. To sum it up, the house was beautiful. After me and Michaela picked out our rooms, we unpacked. Michaela and I made a game to see who could unpack first. I won. Now Michaela must clean our cats litter box for a month. I asked my mum if I could go outside and she said yes.

When I went outside and saw a boy around my age sitting on his porch. I waved to him. He smiled and waved back. I went over to him.

"Hi I'm Rachael Kelly! I'm 12 and I just moved in next door," I said pointing to my house. The boy smiled again.

"I'm Niall Horan," the boy said. "I've always lived here. It's cool there is someone my age in the neighborhood." I grinned. Niall was short. He was only one or two inches taller than me. He had baby blue eyes and recently dyed blonde hair.

"Yeah My twin sis and I-"

"You have a twin?!" Niall said interrupting me. I nodded. "Cool, I have always wanted a twin." 

"She's my fraternal twin." I said.

"It's still cool." Niall responded. "So Rachael, what school are you going to?" I had to think about that for a minute. Then I remembered.

"Christian Preparatory Academy For Girls." Niall's eyes widened. "What's wrong?" I asked.

"I'm going to Christian Preparatory Academy For Boys. The building right next to your school. It's just 2 blocks away so we can walk together" I got all excited. 

"Awesome!" I said.




4 years ago My (now ex)boyfriend Stephen cheated on me. Niall warned me about him. Of course I didn't listen. I never listen. And guess who he cheated on me with? Michaela. My own sister stole my boyfriend. I caught them snogging in my room. Why me? Why my room? I stormed out of my house and went to Niall's house and knocked on the door. Niall's mum opened the door.

"Is Niall home?" She nodded and let me in. I wiped my eyes and went up to his room. "Niall?" I said as I opened his door and sat down next to him. He was watching TV on his bed. He saw my expressionless face and turned off the TV.

"Stephen?" He asked. I nodded. I let out the tears that I have been holding in and cried into his chest.

"Going back to the corner where I first saw you

Gonna camp in my sleeping bag, I'm not gonna move " Niall sang the lyrics of my favorite song. "The Man Who Can't Be Moved," by The Script. I felt at ease in Niall's arms.

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