night shine

Carson just moved to London with her dad and across the street lives the guys from One Direction... What will happen when Niall, Harry and Zayn falls in love with her? And what happens when Zayn girlfriend finds out that he likes Carson? Is she going to choose?


7. chapter 7


I decided to be a rule breaker, risk taker, and I went to the bowling ally the next day, he started to laugh when he saw me

“Hey trouble” he said with that gorgeous Irish accent

“Hey Greg” I said

“So I think I need the teach you to play bowling” he said

“I’m a fine bowler, I were just a little drunkish” I said, actually I didn’t drink anything, cause even though I’m 18, I don’t drink, which people think it’s weird…

“I were watching you yesterday, you didn’t drink”

“Fine, I’m really bad at bowling, I’m a ball idiot, I can’t do anything with a ball”

“A ball idiot? That was a new one” he laughed

I smiled while lifting my shoulder a little

“I like you” he laughed

“So Greg, no last name, do you always try to pick up girls at bowling allies?”

“No, I’m staying here with my brother for a little mini vacation, I live in Ireland”

“Ireland, I’ve always wanted to go there on Patrick’s day”

“It’s fun, if you play your card right, I might invite you”

“And even if you play your card rights I’ll probably say no”

“Rule breaker, risk taker” he said

“I’m here, aren’t I?”

“Uh, how crazy”


“So trouble, I don’t really want to bowl with a pretty girl like you, what do you say to go eat?”

“No thanks” I said, looked at the time and started to walk away

“Rule breaker, risk taker”

I waved at him while walking, he ran after me

“Come on, show a Irishman a good time”

“Sorry Greg, I came, I saw, and I leave”

“I started to think you weren’t trouble, but now I’m starting to think it again”

“Bye Greg”

 I walked on the bus, thinking I’ll never see him again, but sometimes your plans don’t turn out the way you plan it to be…

When I was in front of my house, I saw a newspaper on my doorstep, - mystery girl is confirmed! –

I took the newspaper and sat on the step, and read it.

- Carson Nielsen is a normal next door kind of girl from Denmark, she’s 18….  –

After two pages with stuff just about me, and fake quotes from my friends back home, the only thing I were thinking were, they know everything about me! Creeps!!! And the worst thing was they were calling me things, nobody would wish to be called.

Niall came by “Hey, you look like someone who just read the paper”


He sat down next to me

“People say don’t believe in everything you read, but they’re wrong, expect from the quotes from my friends, I’m everything they’re calling me” I said

He took my hand “You’re non of those words! You’re an amazing, wonderful, beautiful, amazing”

“You already said that”

“Well, that just how amazing you are” he smiled “So what are you doing today?”

“I don’t know, you?”

“I have a dinner”

“Uh… A date?” I punched his shoulder

“No, not at all”

“What then?”

“Just a dinner”

“Niall, it’s okay that you go on other dates, we’re not together”

“It’s not a date”

“Oh, you’re seeing an older lady and you’re embarrassed cause that something Harry would do, I get it” I stood up and opened the door “Have fun tonight” I said and walked inside.

I thought he was gone, so I went out of the terrace with my guitar and started to play a little.

“I didn’t know you played guitar” I suddenly heard, I looked down and saw Niall

“You’re still here?”

“Yeah, I were just sitting there thinking”

“It’s a good place to think”

“Yeah, left handed?

“Yeah, I’m actually a real left handed, and not a fake left handed”


“A real left handed would play guitar with left hand, not right hand”

“Hey! I learned it that way”

“Go to your dinner, mister!”


“Go away!” I laughed

“Fine, fine” he said and walked away

Three hours later Zayn came “Carson! I need to talk to you”

God, these guys just won’t leave me alone!...

“Well, I don’t want to talk to you!” I walked inside and closed the terrace door

I sat down on my bed, suddenly I heard someone run up the stairs, it knocked on the door and the door went up.

“What, so now you break into people houses?!” I said madly

“The door was opened” Zayn said

“Get out of my house!”

“No! We need to talk!”

“There’s nothing to talk about, you kissed me, cheated on your girlfriend, and now you’re making me look like the bad guy”

“Would you talk to me, if I tell everything?”


He sat down next to me, he pulled something out of his pocket, and put a little piece of paper in front of me. - You are together with a pretty lady – it said on it

“You kept that?”

“Yeah, it’s a day I would like to remember”

“I like how you say day, like the night weren’t great”

“I made a mistake. I’m sorry!”

“Zayn, I just need a day or two”

“Okay” he said and stood up “Are you just as turned on as I am?” he started to laugh, I threw a pillow at him, and started to laugh too. “Get out of my house” I said and laughed.

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