night shine

Carson just moved to London with her dad and across the street lives the guys from One Direction... What will happen when Niall, Harry and Zayn falls in love with her? And what happens when Zayn girlfriend finds out that he likes Carson? Is she going to choose?


6. Chapter 6


Zayn girlfriend went to the bathroom, so Zayn pulled me to the side at the end of the carpet

“What?!” I said madly

“I’m sorry”

“Sorry that you kissed me, or sorry that you forgot to tell me you have a girlfriend and cheated on me?”


“Well, you can’t choose both!” I said and walked over to the others

“Carson!” he yelled, but I didn’t stop or looked back

We walked inside, I sat down between Niall and Harry, they were both having an arm around me, so they were actually holding each others arms, which probably would have looked kind of weird from the back.

It was an amazing movie, it lasted 2 and an half hour, we went to Nandos after the movie, Zayn and his girlfriend didn’t go, they just went home, but I’m glad they did, I didn’t want to look at him!

I went to the bathroom, and as I walked back, I could see Niall and Harry arguing, and sneaked behind a poll close to them, so I heard them talking.

“I’ve kissed her!” Niall said

What are they talking about? “So that doesn’t mean anything!” Harry said.

“Yes it does! She likes me!”

“Well, she also kissed Zayn”

“No! He kissed her!”

“Of course she’s saying that, he has a girlfriend, and she didn’t wanted to cheat”

“I believe her”

“I’m not saying I don’t believe her, I’m just saying that she didn’t want to cheat, so she’s just saying that she didn’t kiss him”

“That means you don’t believe her”

I didn’t want to hear anymore, so I walked over to the table, they both got quiet… What did I get into?

Luckily they weren’t weird about their conversion and we talked and had fun for 2-3 hours or how long we sat there. Louis and Liam’s girlfriends are so sweet and funny, it was my first time meeting them, but we felt like we knew each other forever, we already decided that tomorrow, was going to be a girl’s night out, it’s going to be so much fun!

I hope…

We went out of Nandos, we walked into the car, and drove to our street, we stopped at Liam’s first, then at Louis, then Niall’s, my house were just across the street from Niall’s so I went out of the car, the car drove away, I turned around and saw Harry and Niall standing there.

“Harry? That’s Niall’s house” I said

“I know, but I just wanted to walk you to your door” he said

“Okay, I guess” I hugged Niall, and gave him a kiss on the cheek “Nighty, nighty” I said to him.

Harry walked me to my front door.

“Listen Harry” I said, but before I got to say anymore, I got interrupted,

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to kiss you, I think you have enough drama in your life” he said.

“Thanks, and thanks for a good night, it was a good movie”

“Yeah it was, we should do it again someday”

“Just invite me to the next premiere” I said, winked at him, and walked inside.

I woke up with a good feeling about today, I could really use a girls night out, I don’t think I’ve ever missed my friends at home this much before. So I decided to call one of them, the one who knows everything about guys, Catharina.

“Hey!!!!” She screamed into the phone

“I need some advice” I said

“Guy trouble?”

“Actually, three”

“Three?!!! Slut!” She screamed

“No! It’s not like that!” …

“What direction are you going in?”



“No! One”


“I’m going in One Direction”

“Oh My God! One Direction?! I thought when you wrote that on Facebook that you were kidding! You really live across the street to One Direction!?”


“Wait? Three? Are you saying three of the guys like you?”

“Yep. Help!”

“Which one do you like?”

“I don’t know! I need your help!”

“I think this one, is one you have to figure out yourself, sorry sweety, I don’t think I can help you with that one…” “What? Okay” she said to someone “Carson I got to go, I’m sorry! Bye beautiful… Good luck” She said and hung up

“I’m in deep trouble!” I said to myself

I walked downstairs, got some breakfast

“Hey” my dad said


“Sorry, I’ve been so busy with work lately, I just started the new job, so I’ve been really busy, but I have time to talk now”

“Yeah, that’s nice dad, I don’t have time now, it’s girls night out” I said and ran upstairs

“Oh, she got friends, and the school haven’t even started” he said to himself proudly

After two hours, and heard a car downstairs honking, I ran downstairs.

“Hey!” Emily yelled, Liam’s girlfriend.

I ran in the car, and we all started to sing Girl’s just wonna have fun, it was probably the funniest car drive I’ve had.

We went to a restaurant, a French restaurant, I tried to say it, and they just laughed at me.

After two hours of fun and laughs, Renée, Louis’s girlfriend, said “Okay, Carson, now to the serious question”

I were expecting the worst, something about the guys, so I took a deep breath

They looked at each other and started to laugh “Can a dinosaur lay an egg?” they laughed

“What?” I started to laugh too

“We don’t know” they said and laughed even more

“Are you two drunk?” I asked

“Maybe a little” René laughed

After dinner we went bowling, it was Friday, and there were bowling drinking, meaning that every time you hit a strike, you got a free drink. Which for us meant no free drinks to us, we were so bad at bowling, I actually did get a strike, but on our neighbour lane, I don’t think I’ve ever laughed this much in my whole life.

The guy in the other lane, gave me the drink, cause I did get a strike.
“So are you single?” he asked, with a cute Irish accent

There it was, one of the questions I’ve been afraid would get asked this evening

“To be honest, I have no idea” I said

“Oh, well, do you want me to teach you how to play bowling tomorrow?”

“No thanks” I said and walked over to my own lane again, I didn’t need more guy drama in my life right now.

“Well, if you change you mind, I’ll be here… Just look for Greg”

“Okay” I said

“And you are?”

“Bowling with my friends” I said

“I meant you’re name”

“I don’t give my name to guys I’ve just met at a bowling ally”

“Well neither do I, but I break rules”

“Sorry, but I don’t”

“Not a risk taker?”

“I think you mean not a rule break”

“No, not a rule breaker, not a risk taker”

I shock my head and the girls and me walked away, we were done playing…

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