night shine

Carson just moved to London with her dad and across the street lives the guys from One Direction... What will happen when Niall, Harry and Zayn falls in love with her? And what happens when Zayn girlfriend finds out that he likes Carson? Is she going to choose?


3. chapter 3



I woke up with a shock, cause my phone beep, I thought I would only here that sound in 2 month when I started school. I looked at my phone, there it was, a text from Niall saying Morning babe, thank you for a wonderful day yesterday, sorry Harry came with us... Could we try again? X Nialler...

My heart skipped a beat that was the best morning text I’ve ever gotten!

It was to early for me to give a good answer right now, so I went up from the bed, and got dressed. I put on a pair of black skinny jeans, a blue top, and a black vest over the top.

I walked down stairs and got something to eat. My dad came out from his room, with only boxes on.

“DAD!” I said and looked away “Please, get dressed”

“Ah, come on, it’s not like I’m naked” he laughed

“If you were naked, I would have taken a knife and poked my eyes out”

“It wouldn’t be that bad”

“No, it would be worst. Now please get dressed! Don’t ruin my morning”


He walked into his room again, after 2 minutes, he came back out, fully dressed.

“Thank you, thank you so much” I said and hugged him

“That’s a lot of love just for clothes”

“No, it’s not just for the clothes, I love it here” I said “this street is amazing!”

“And you were mad at me in the beginning”

“No, I was mad at you for divorcing mom, and I’m still mad at you for that, but…”

“I get it” my dad interrupted

I ran up stairs, a bit more awake than before, I picked up my phone, and texted him

- It’s okay, I didn’t mind, a date with two cute guys, who would mind that? ;) I would love to do it again <3 –

I took my drawing book and walked out on my terrace, a little later, Zayn walked over to my house

“Hey, would you teach me how to draw realistic?” he yelled

 “Yeah, the door is open, come on up”

He walked inside and into my room

“Wow, I love the room” he said

“Thanks, I’m still missing a box, but I’m almost done”

“What are you drawing?”

“The London eye, I were there yesterday, and it was amazing”

He walked out on the terrace and sat next to me, really close next to me

“That’s amazing! Will you teach me how you draw faces?”

“Yeah, of course, who do you want to draw?”

“4 days ago I met this really beautiful girl, I would like to learn to draw her”

“That’s a little creepy” I laughed

“Well, this girl has drawn a lot of pictures of me so…”

Was he talking about me? Is he flirting with me? Were Niall and Harry flirting with me yesterday? Why? I’m not the most beautiful girl, they have fans there are prettier! They can have a supermodel, if they like! Why are they flirting with me then?

“Well, she sounds like a creep to, so that works perfectly” I joked

“I know right” he leaned closer to me, he stared into my eyes, and leaned closer

“Okay!” I said, went back a little and looked down at my drawing book

“Sorry” he said “I don’t even know you, I don’t know why I just did that, Niall and Harry just talked about you non-stop the last 4 days, so I feel like I know you and it ju…”

“Zayn!” I interrupted “its okay, nothing happened”


Across the street at Niall’s house

“I should go over there” he said

“Are you jealous?” Liam asked “Wait! You like her?”


“Well, she is nice, go for it, plus I don’t think you have to be jealous of Zayn, he has a girlfriend”

“Oh, yeah, of course, I totally forgot that! Well I’m still going over there, see ya’ later”

Niall walked out of the house, and went across the street.

“Hey, what are ya doing?” he yelled

“Hey Niall, come on up” I said

I saw Zayn get a little sad, but I didn’t really think about it

“Hey Zayn” Niall said when he came into my room, Niall send him a weird smile

He went over to me and kissed me on the cheek

“Hey gorgeous” he said, while looking at Zayn

“Hey Niall?”

“Hey, what are you doing today?” Zayn asked

“Nothing, why?” I asked

“What to hang out tonight?” he asked

Niall looked at Zayn, with this evil look

“Okay” I said happily

Niall got sad, but I didn’t really realize it, I wasn’t the fastest thinker sometimes

“Cool, Niall we have an interview” Zayn said and jumped up “I just have to learn another time”

“Oh, yeah, bye beautiful, text me” Niall said and kissed me on the cheek.

How many kisses can a girl take a day!

They walked out of the house and into a car.

Two hours later they came back, I was still sitting on the terrace and was drawing.

“Hey Carson! Us two now!” Zayn yelled

“Okay, be right there” I yelled back

“You have a girlfriend!” Harry said

“That’s why we’re only hanging out” Zayn smiled and winked

I walked out of the door and walked across the street

“Hey hottie, ready to hang out?” he said and hugged me.

He opened the door for me “Ladies first” I walked into the car.

We went to this Chinese place,

“Chinese? Okay, we’re gonna eat with sticks and we won’t give up no matter what” I said.

Zayn kept laughing at me cause I tried to eat with sticks and it didn’t go that well, actually I didn’t really get anything.

“I usually get it, you must be bad luck Mr. Malik” I laughed

“Sorry, do you need help?” he laughed

“No! I got this” I said and dropped my food again, we both started to laugh

“Okay, I give up, meaning no food for me” I said

He just laughed at me, I opened my fortune cookie

“Wow” I said

“What dies it say?”

 “It says “Haha, you won’t get any food today””

“No it doesn’t, I don’t believe that” he took it from my fortune

“Wow, it actually says that” he laughed

“They really do tell the truth” he laughed again, and almost fell of the chair

“I’m gonna eat the cookie, cause then it’ll come true… But wait if I eat the cookie, does that count as food?”

“No that’s a cookie, that’s snacks, I think? I’m kind of afraid to open my cookie”

He opened it and smiled


“You are together with a pretty lady” he read “Are they watching us?”

“No, cause then it wouldn’t have said pretty” I said

“You are the prettiest girl here”

“That’s because we’re the only people here” I whispered

“Well, I would rather be here with you than any other girl in the world”

After an hour we walked out to the car and went home, he opened the car door and we walked in front of my door, he leaned in, closed his eyes. I was just standing there in the beginning, but then he’s lips touched mine, I closed my eyes, but still just stood there. He pulled back,

“Sorry, I kiss on first dates” he said, smiled and walked away

Zayn Malik just kissed me!!! ARGH!

I walked inside, bite myself in the lip and ran upstairs, walked out on my terrace, folded my arms and leaned against the fence. It was dark so I couldn’t really see anything, but I just stood there and smiled.  

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