night shine

Carson just moved to London with her dad and across the street lives the guys from One Direction... What will happen when Niall, Harry and Zayn falls in love with her? And what happens when Zayn girlfriend finds out that he likes Carson? Is she going to choose?


2. Chapter 2


“Hey Niall, where you going? And then like that?” Harry asked “You look good”

“I’m gonna show Carson around in London”

“Cool, wait 2 seconds, I’ll come with you”

“What? No!” Niall yelled

“Okay, easy there Niall”

“Sorry, I’m just, I guess you can come”

“Cool” Harry ran up the stairs, and came back 2 seconds after, with a new blazer on

“Ready, let’s go”

“Did you just put another blazer on?”

“Yeah, this one is nicer”

They walked out of Niall’s house and over to my house.

I was standing right behind of the door, being really nervous, finally the doorbell rang

I jumped up and down, I took the handle, but I stopped myself from opening the door, cause I started to think that it would be weird that I opened it right away.

I took a deep breath and opened the door, I woke up at 12 o’clock, because I was trying to find the right outfit, not that I actually cared about what I wore, but it was Niall Horan! I didn’t know how to react, so I ended up wearing skinny jeans, a colourful top and booth, kind of a Tori Vega based look, because I wasn’t really a girly girl, so a dress was a no no.

I opened the door and I got a little shock, I thought it was just gonna be Niall and me, but I must have understood Niall wrong yesterday.

“Hey Niall, and Harry?” I said

Niall opened his mouth, but before he got to say something Harry interrupted

“Hey Carson, you look amazing” Harry said

“Thanks Harry” I said

“You want to go see London?” Niall said

“Yeah, let’s go”

Niall ran over and opened the door for me

“Ladies first” he said

“Thank you” I said and walked in to the car

I sat down and I could see Harry and Niall kind of fighting on who should sit next to me, I thought they were joking, so I just laughed about it, I could hear them whisper, but I couldn’t hear what they where whispering about

Niall went and sat next to me and he had the biggest smile on his face, while Harry looked a little disappointed.

I whispered into Niall ear “I thought it was just going to be you and me? Or did I miss something?” I whispered

He looked at me and mouthed “I don’t know”, shocked his head, and lifted his shoulders

“So Carson” Harry said “Niall tells me you’ve never been to London?”

“Well, I was here when I was 3, so I don’t really remember the trip”

“What, how can’t you remember that trip, do you have a memory lost or something?” Niall joked

“Yeah, I do actually… Who are you guys again” I joked

The driver/bodyguard stopped the car, and said “We’re at the London eye”

“Really!” I screamed “Argh, let’s go” I opened the car door and ran out of the car

“I guess she wants to see the London eye” Niall laughed

Niall and Harry jumped out of the car and their four bodyguards followed along, and saw me standing there with big eyes.

“Can we go up? Please!” I said, jumping up and down

“Yeah, of course” Harry said

We all walked over there, I was about to walk over to the line, but Harry and Niall just walked by it, so I followed.

“Guys? The line is right here?” I said

“Do you really want to stand in line?” Harry said while laughing

I heard people starting talking louder and louder

We walked to the front

I heard people going “OMG it’s Harry Styles, and Niall Horan!!!!”

But I didn’t mind, I was only thinking “I’m with Niall and Harry!”

We walked into a cart, it was a little awkward to have 4 bodyguards in there with me, but the guys seemed to just ignore them, so I tried to do that to.

When we finally came to the top, I couldn’t stop jumping up and down, it was all so beautiful, and I live here from now on.

“Wow, look at this!” I screamed

Niall laid his arm around me, this day couldn’t be better!

“Yeah, and you live here now” Niall said

Harry pushed Niall away

“Oh, sorry Niall, I didn’t see you standing there”

“Where are we going next?” I said

“What do you say to big ben?” Harry said

“YES!” I yelled

When we finally came down, the car was right there, so they didn’t have to say hey to fans, cause I could see they were only looking at me…

 After a lot of sightseeing, and it was around 10 a’ clock in the night, so we went to a restaurant, and got some food.

 I sat on one side, Niall sat in front of me, and Harry sat next to him.

We were having the most amazing time, but I kept feeling like Niall and Harry was trying to fight for my attention the whole day. But hey, who wouldn’t be happy that 2 really cute guys were fighting for your attention.

“What kin of music do you listen to?” Niall asked

For fun I started to say “Well, my top 3 bands are Rascal Flatts, it’s a country band, then there’s this really cool good band with these really cute guys” Niall and Harry looked at each other with a smile

“Yeah, Big time rush” They both looked disappointed “It was a joke, I were talking about you guys, just wanted to see your reaction, but I do like Big time rush, do give me wrong, and then Westlife”

“WESTLIFE?!” Niall yelled “I LOVE Westlife! What’s your favourite song?”

“I love, love, love flying without wings!”

“Oh yeah, I think my favourite are Queen of my heart” Niall said

“Yeah, I like those too” Harry said without knowing what he was talking about, but he wanted to be in the conversation.

“I’m always saying that when I find a boyfriend Unbreakable have to be our song, I don’t care if he hates Westlife, that’s gonna be our song”

Niall started singing “This love is unbreakable” he sang “I love that song so much!”

“I was so sad when they broke up”

“I know!” Niall said

We kept talking about them for awhile, Harry tried to get in on the conversation, but he couldn’t really say anything useful to the conversation, since he didn’t know anything about Westlife.

After awhile, Harry finally asked me “What’s your biggest fear?”

“Spiders! I got a REALLY big fear of spiders. What’s yours?”

“Snakes” Harry said

“small/enclosed spaces” Niall went.

“My mom is so afraid of snakes, she once saw a snake in our backyard, and she freaked out”

We started to talk about fear, and funny stories we’ve had with our fears, so Harry was finally in the conversation.

The paparazzi’s started to gather outside the restaurant, so when we walked outside, the cameras blinded me, I weren’t use to having 20 guys with cameras around me.

We walked into the car, and drove away as fast as we could

“Sorry, that’s what happens when your famous” Harry said

We came to our street and they dropped off Harry first, he gave me a kiss on the cheek and said goodnight. Then we came to my house.

Niall opened the car door of me and walked me to the door

“I’m sorry Harry came with, I was actually just hoping it was going to be us two, but he came along” Niall said

“It’s okay, I had fun, thank you. London is amazing! I can’t believe I’m gonna live here”

Niall leaned over at me, and gave me a kiss on the cheek

“Maybe we can do this again sometime, just you and me?”

“Yeah, that would be nice” I said with a smile

“Goodnight beautiful” Niall said

I just died a little! He called me beautiful!

“Nighty, nighty” I said and walked inside, I closed the door, and then I did something I thought I would never do, something you always see in the movies, I leaned against the door and made a little “Ib” sound. My dad looked at me shocked his head. “Teenagers” he said. I sat down and started to bit under lip. After a minute I ran upstairs jumped in my bed, took a pillow over my head, so nobody would hear me scream of joy. I were so happy that I didn’t change to nightclothes, I just crawled in bed and fell asleep.  

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