night shine

Carson just moved to London with her dad and across the street lives the guys from One Direction... What will happen when Niall, Harry and Zayn falls in love with her? And what happens when Zayn girlfriend finds out that he likes Carson? Is she going to choose?


1. night shine


I were sitting at in the in front seat with my headphones on, listing to my favourite band, One Direction. My dad kept trying to talk to me, but I was mad, disappointed, and sad, so I was pretending that I couldn’t hear him. Finally he stopped the car, and took my headphones away from my ears.

“Carson, we’re here.” He said while opening the car.

“New start, new beginnings, and new endings” I said to myself.

My dad opened my car door

“Come on, you’ll love it, I promise” he said “Now get the boxes, I’ll go open the door to the house”

He jumped/ran over to the door, which made me laugh a little.

I walked out of the car, and opened the back of the car.

I took one box and suddenly another box got over the first one, which did so I couldn’t see anything


“Yeah?” he said, while putting a pillow over the two boxes


Across the street was a guy looking at them from a window

“Look guys, the new neighbours are moving in. She looks kind of cute” he said

4 other guys walked over to the window

“I like her style” one of the guys said

“That’s because it looks like yours, Zayn” one of the other guys said.

“That’s probably why, ha” Zayn said

“Oh, she just fell, maybe we should help them” another guy said

They ran out of the house and over the street.

I was lying on the grass laughing, and my dad was picking up the boxes while laughing

“I told you not to put all those boxes in my arms” she said while laughing.

Suddenly I heard a really cute Irish voice,

“Hey, are you okay?”

“Yeah I’m fine, my dad is just a mean man”

I stood up and my eyes turned wide open

“Hey, I’m Niall Horan” The guy with the cute Irish guy said





“Wow, I… I’m Carson” I said, while trying to keep calm and not start to fangirling

“And I’m Christian, her dad” He said and gave all the guys a handshake

“Do you want help?” Liam asked

“That would be lovely” Christian said

Zayn took a lot of papers out of the car

“ARGH, be careful with those” I yelled

But it was already to late the papers was flying everywhere

“I’m so sorry” he said

“We’ll catch them” Harry said

Two of the ran to the left, two to the right and one was catching the ones near by

“Oh god, you guys might be surprised over the papers!” I yelled

I started helping Zayn that took the papers there where near by

“Wow” Zayn said “You drew this?”

“Yeah, I sorry”

“Why are you applauding? These are amazing!”

“They’re all drawings of you guys, you all probably think I’m a crazy stalker”

“Hah, no, we have crazier fans, don’t worry” he said and smiled at me

“Oh, yeah?”

“Yeah, trust me, this is just true talent! I should know, I’m an artist myself”

“I know, and you’re really good”

“Oh, yeah of course you know… Thanks” he smiled even bigger

Finally the guys came back

“Hey, I think we got all of them” Louis said

“You’re amazing” Niall said

“Well thank you, how do you like my drawings?” I said with a cheeky smile

Niall didn’t answer, but just stared into my eyes

“So” Harry interrupted “You don’t sound like you’re from England”

“No, I’m from Denmark, my parents got divorced, so my dad moved to London”

“Wow, that must have been a nasty divorced since he moved to another country” Louis jokily interrupted

“They got divorced cause my dad got a job here, and my mom didn’t wanted to move, my dad chose carrier instead of love”

“Hey, are you guys just gonna stand there and talk, or are you actually gonna help?” my dad asked

“Oh, sorry sir” Liam said quickly

They all started to take the stuff out of the moving truck, which finally showed up…

After hours of loading boxes, and furniture out of the truck, they were finally done

“Thanks for the help guys” my dad said

“You’re welcome” Liam said

 “If you want more help, just fall on the grass again” Harry joked

 “Bye guys” I said.

The guys walked away, but every 5 seconds they all looked back, and almost tripped every time, which made me laugh a little every time.

Her dad finally walked over and taped me on my shoulder


“What?” I said while still looking at the guys

He took my hand and dragged me in to the house

I walked up to my room, which was on the second floor

Fell on my bed and fell asleep

I woke up around 1, cause I was really tired after all the moving

I put on some clothes and brushed my hair

I walked downstairs, to get some breakfast

“Dad?” I said, but I didn’t get an answer

I found at piece of paper on the kitchen counter

                                                                 Hey honey,

                                                                 I went to get some food for the fridge

                                                                 I bet if you’re really hungry the guys

would be happy to give you some

                                                                 Love dad

I laughed a little and walked upstairs again

I walked into my room, took a deep breath, I looked at all of these boxes, and didn’t know where to start

I knew which box my CD player was in so I took it out, found my Taylor Swift fearless cd, and put it on.

Suddenly the door went up door downstairs, I could hear

“Hey honey, I’m sorry, I have to go to work already, they just called me, I’ll be home around midnight” my dad yelled and walked out of the door

I opened the first box and it went a little slow in the beginning since it was some slow songs in the beginning of the album, then after a while, you belong with me came on and I started to dance around and singing with the song.


Across the street, Niall where sitting and looking at me and laughing

He jumped up from his seat and walked out of the door, he walked over the street, found a small rock and threw it at my window, I didn’t hear it in the beginning, so he threw another one,

I stopped the song and walked out on my terrace, I saw Niall standing on the grass smiling at me

 “Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?” I said with a laugh

“Hey, sorry, I don’t know the next line” he said

“Neither do I… So?”

“You’re a good dancer” he said and laughed

“Oh god, you saw me?”

“You should probably close the curtains”

“And you probably shouldn’t look into others windows”

“Well, you’re just so beautiful that I couldn’t stop looking”

I heart skipped a beat – Niall Horan just told me I was beautiful!!! ARGH

I kept smiling, not sure what to say

“You’re kind of creepy” I laughed

“I know” He smiled “Hey, do you want to talk like normal people?”

“I’m far from normal”

“I meant instead of talking like this, then sit on your bench and talk?”

“heh, Okay, I’ll be right down”

I ran down the stairs and out of the door, Niall where already sitting on the bench

“I think the bench was the best idea I’ve ever got” I laughed

I sat down next to Niall

“So how do you like London?” he asked

“Well since I came yesterday, meaning I haven’t seen anything, so I can’t really say, but I love this street, and the people are really nice”

“What are you doing tomorrow?”

“Packing out”

“What do you say to take a break from that, and I can show you around?”

“I would love to” I smiled – did he just ask me on a date?

“What do you like to do other than drawing?”

“Sleep, eat and be lazy”

“You’re perfect”

“Hah” I laughed “You aren’t to bad yourself “

“Well thank you”

“Hey Niall!, we have to go” Harry yelled from across the street “Hey Carson!” he added

“Hey Harry” I yelled

“I’m sorry, I have to go, we have an interview, see ya’ tomorrow at 2 o’clock?”

“Yeah, that sounds perfect”

Niall ran over to the car, and waved bye before he closed the door. 

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