Summer Love?

Mistii is an outcast, unaccepted but when her Mum gets a job as manager for one of the biggest boy bands in the world, will things got uphill or downhill? Will she find the one? Or will she be outcast again?
To find out read please? :)


1. We're going where!?!

Mistii's POV
*BEEP BEEP* I wake up to the sound of my annoying alarm clock. I turn it off and groan and roll over so I'm on my side. Suddenly,I remember it's the start of summer. I hop out of bed, suddenly happy, and turn on my music player,to full volume, and start jumping around picking my clothes off the floor. I have to admit I'm not the cleanest person in the world,but who is? Then,I smell bacon I drop everything and run downstairs. You see, Mum never makes bacon because since my Dad passed away she's been depressed.
I see my Mum all happy, which makes me happy. "Hunny!!! Guess what!!" She practically sqeauls. "You got a husband!!" I squeal back. "Even better!! Wait for it..... I GOT A JOB!!!!!" she screams the last part in my ear. "That's great. What kind of job?" I ask her. "Well it's an assistant manager for One Direction! And better yet, we're moving to England!" She squeals. I spit my tea out. "we're going where!?!" I practically yell at her. "Hunny, I know it's a long way, but we can have a life, and you can make friends" She says soothingly. Friends, that word, nobody liked me and when I say nobody I mean nobody. "Fine" I mumble. "And, you're staying with One Direction, All day every day" she exclaims. "No, no, no, no, no!!!" I say whilst standing up. "Yes, yes, yes, yes,yes" My Mum says and drags me to my room to pack.
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