Summer Love?

Mistii is an outcast, unaccepted but when her Mum gets a job as manager for one of the biggest boy bands in the world, will things got uphill or downhill? Will she find the one? Or will she be outcast again?
To find out read please? :)


2. Airplane

It takes me three hours to find and pack everything. When I go downstairs the house is bare and it looks weird. "You ready?" My Mum asks me. "Yeah" I answer. When we get in the car it's really quiet. "So... Where will I get education?" I ask my Mum hoping that I don't have to go to school. "St Monica's All-Girl-School." I groan. I hate all girl schools. There boring.
*At the airport*
"Flight 352 Please go to gate 8. I repeat flight 352 please go to gate 8." Someone says through the intercom. We line up at gate 8 and wait. When we get on the airplane I put in my earphones and start reading Teen Mag. Geez, this One Direction is soo overrated, then, I remember. Mum said I would be staying with one direction ALL day EVERY day.. Oh crap! I turn to the right side of myself and see Mum sleeping. I see a girl in a one direction t-shirt and one direction shoes. She's wearing practically everything one direction. I roll my eyes and she sees. "You got a problem with my husbands? Hm?" She says trying to intimidate me. "Uh yeah.. A) There stupid. b) there stupid c) there gay!!!" I say. She storms off down the isle.
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