Lucy had met someone online but will she cause stranger danger or find her true love. On the other hand Niall Horan was board so he decided to go on kik to find people to chat to and finds this girl


3. Should I

Lucy's pov

So at the moment I'm laying in bed. Wondering if I should meet him .... It might not be Niall it could be anyone I mean it's not hard to get a picture of Niall of the Internet. But it's at costa so that's a public place so if he's not Niall he won't be able to do anything there'll be to many people around.

I'm gonna go whats the worst that will happen.

Suddenly my phone went of making me jump it was a text from Niall it read

Hey Lucy I can't wait to meet u

- Niall xxx

I saved his number In my contacts as Niall ??????
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