Lucy had met someone online but will she cause stranger danger or find her true love. On the other hand Niall Horan was board so he decided to go on kik to find people to chat to and finds this girl


2. arranging to meet

Lucys pov 

Lucy : hi 

Niall :  hey 

Lucy : what are you  up to 

Niall : nothing really .... can I see a picture of you

Lucy : ... okay 

I sent him a picture of me .I had long blonde hair crystal blue eyes and naturally tanned skin.


Niall : wow ... your beautiful 

Lucy : thank you your so sweet 

Niall : could i have your number 

Lucy : I ... i dunno ... can I see what you look like 

he sent me a picture. He was Niall Horan .... from one direction ! 

Lucy : your Niall from One Direction ! 

Niall : lol yeah so do you want to meet up 

Lucy : I ... errrmmm okay when and where 

Niall : well i'm in Witney at the moment 

Lucy : really I live in Witney 

Niall : want to meet up at costa 

Lucy : sure :) tomorrow at 4 ?

Niall : sounds like a plan can i have ur number ?

lucy : sure 0784528342 

Niall : thnx ill text you bye 

lucy : bye c ya tomorrow


I couldn't believe i'd just organised to meet up with him. What if he wasn't Niall Horan... mabye i shouldn't go .....

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