Lucy had met someone online but will she cause stranger danger or find her true love. On the other hand Niall Horan was board so he decided to go on kik to find people to chat to and finds this girl


7. A week later

lucys view  


I hadn't heard from Niall since that night maybe he hated me ? Did i do something wrong ? I was curled up in bed thinking about all the things I could of done wrong. well I suppose it could of been when I spilt  the coffee ((Im a bit clumsy)) but he just laughed at then then called me cute .... my thoughts where interrupted by my phone i read the text


Hey lucy sorry i didn't get into contact with you before my phone wiped all my contacts !! luckly i wrote it down !! want to meet up im desperate to see you again. 

-Niall xxx


YAY !!! i didn't do something wrong !! and he wants to see me again, OMG niall horan wants to meet up with me this is just like amazing i text him back quickly  'yea i'f love to meet up with you !! i thought you didn't want to see me again :( when do u want to meet'


I got his text back 'ahh course not your just to cute to forget about xxx lets go bowling tomorrow at 12 ?' 


i beamed to my self and text him back 'okay see you there !!' 



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