Lucy had met someone online but will she cause stranger danger or find her true love. On the other hand Niall Horan was board so he decided to go on kik to find people to chat to and finds this girl


6. 4PM

As I walked down to costa I thought to myself " should I go, he may be a weirdo ? he may be niall who knows?" Then it hit me. No really a bird actually hit my head because I wasn't concentrating I was worrying about today. There it was costa coffee. I sat down at a table and waited. 10 minutes later I got fed up and was just about to get up when a blondy-brownish hairs boy walled in with shades on I didn't take any notice until he started to walk up to me... "Hay um have you seen a girl called Lucy?" He whispered to me. I said " I'm Lucy..." " oh hi Lucy you look um.. Really ... Beautiful. Wow! Oh my." I blushed, this is happening. It's really happening. He took his shades of and I could see his beautiful Irish blue eyes sparkle in the sun. I orderd a cup of coffee with loads of toppings he orderd the same. we both scrape the toppings off first then we downd the whole coffee down. id try to pay for it myself but he woudlnt let me.

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