Little Thorns

Even a big beautiful rose may still have a thorn in its side~ Alex and Alexis both beautiful simple girls and Leon a gorgeous deep guy what happens when their life's intertwine?


2. Thoughts of Serenity - Alex


I remembered how I wandered the school because dodge ball was boring. I remembered flashing images like flipping between two places. I remembered dragging myself back to the gym as quickly as I could. I remembered falling not only to the ground, but into a different place. I remembered being like this person that I thought was me but thinking about it, it wasn't. She had black hair not blond, blue eyes not green and she knew I was there. It wasn't like switching I was in her mind and she could tell and one thing was for sure; Whoever she was she sure as hell didn't like it.

"ALLLLLEEEEEEEEEEXXXXXXXXXX" Tania's voice shrill and right in my ear reminded me I was in the middle of a conversation.

"Oh yes your voice in my ear doesn't hurt at all."

"Well we had to do something you just spaced out." Lucille's impatience ceased to amaze me.

"It's called thinking you should try it sometime."

"Oh har har, but that was just completely out if it... are you sure you're okay?"

"Yes! I'm fine but I'm pretty tired okay I think I should go home."

"I'll go tell the teacher okay" At least May wasn't pushing it her adding her persistence was hell in every form.

"Maybe you should've let me ask the teacher" Tania's suggestion just reminded me of the obvious. May's giant crush on one of the p.e. teachers but hey he'd probably say yes knowing his fondness of her. May came back on in what felt like an eternity.

"He said you'll have to get a note tomorrow" A fake note... Easy enough."But you're allowed to go home" She may have taken almost 10 minutes but now I can leave with the bell and avoid lots of questioning. At least one thing came out of this.

I hated waiting for my brother to come, Caleb always took forever but the good thing was he accept any excuse he coudl've been told anything and he'd come to the rescue but then again he was just one of those guys. I secretly hoped there was another guy as amazing but so far he was about it. The second I got home I rushed to my room there was no way I was gonna just sit and think about what happened I learnt long ago that over thinking doesn't get you anywhere good. Now all I have to do is slowly drift off to sleep... Sleep? Seriously? At 1pm? Wait I think there's sleeping pills in the kitchen. Yes! Now I can sleep. At least I thought until I open my door, my room was wrecked. Books on the floor, laptop screen cracked and all the glass on my pictures smashed. Yet there was no forced entry but, but that couldn't be... Then I heard it.Thoughts of Serenity - Alex

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