Little Thorns

Even a big beautiful rose may still have a thorn in its side~ Alex and Alexis both beautiful simple girls and Leon a gorgeous deep guy what happens when their life's intertwine?


4. The new Kid in town - Leon



He hated moving no matter how much it happened he hated it. He hated losing his friends. He hated having to make new ones. He hated the fights that went with it about where to and what to bring. Most of all he hated having to start again over and over and over. He always did, sadly his parents knew it was just making him disconnected. No matter how long he stayed he just kept letting go. Except now knowing this was his last move he knew it was gonna be different. At least he hoped

"Leo we're almost here" His mother. Sweet, kind and caring but lately she was just tired, always tired as worried as he got right now he didn't care.

"Oh great another town I wonder what fun hills there'll be".

"Oh come on honey, it's a big town and it's close to others you can always bus or something".

"Yes leaving to go somewhere again how fun".

"That's enough either shut up or walk to the house which you haven't even bothered to ask about". His Dad, no matter what when he dad came into the situation he just learnt to just shut up and leave it.

It was still about an hour which for the distance may have been good but he hated the length anyway something about driving along the open road he just hated; He always assumed it was because he used to get car sick but now he thought more into it. Going over where he lived he realised the whole time he'd been moving down the map to this place. Then again hating moving closer to somewhere because it doesn't feel right just made him sound crazy so he tried to continue with his attempted sleep. But that's just how his dads job is his dad moves and so do they at least this is a permanent move though. He slowly opens his eyes, his body limp in the awkward position he fell asleep in. He opened the car door and took a look at what had become his new home. He walked inside and up the looming staircase up to the top floor.

"Your room's right through there" He smiled at the look his mother had, the look that said I-hope-he-fits-in-this-time.

He walked into his room although though house was expensive he thought it was worth it. Not enough to admit to his father though that he could keep to himself, but the giant room he found himself in he loved and giant mirror to fit the room he admired. By which he partly liked because of how he saw himself brunette, light blue eyes his mother always said were tinged with ice and his average build. He let himself go when it came to his sports but being able to stay he might change that for himself. He walked over to the giant window with its pan view and to in his new surroundings. He was surprised with the fact for this first time since he was little he felt like he was actually home.

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