Little Thorns

Even a big beautiful rose may still have a thorn in its side~ Alex and Alexis both beautiful simple girls and Leon a gorgeous deep guy what happens when their life's intertwine?


6. The escape - Alexis



"Smooth Alex".

"Oh shut it, it's not like I planned for this!"

"Do you remember me asking if this was the right time to come?"

"Yes, why?"

"Cause if you bothered to let me finish you'd know I was talking about school finishing."

School. Looking at my watch I only just realised it was way past the end of school. How could I be so stupid just because I wasn't at mine doesn't mean she'd stay forever at school. Oh great now he's giving me one of those looks, as much as he's a good friend he can be a major pain in but. Right about now Eric was giving me the are-you-gonna-admit-I'm-right-or-not looks that always make me mad just cause he has to be right so damn much... Screw it if he wants an apology he can go buy one when we get home I'm going to the park any place is better than this annoyance.

"Are you gonna reply?"

I look at him in disgust, I mean after today he really thinks I'm just gonna suck up to him? No way.

"How about drive and maybe just maybeeeeeee if you pray hard enough a magic unicorn will come and make everything good."

At that he chuckles and shakes his head slightly infuriated but  not enough to challenge me. The way home usually takes about an hour on a good day but after all of today's events my sour mood cause black clouds to form on the horizon. Although I had to squint to see them I knew they're coming it's just how it works these days. The ride back becomes eerily quiet so I turn up the music and go into a lulled state of listening to the words and feeling the vibrations on the bass. By the time I actually started to drift peacefully for the first time in a while the car pulls onto the curb. I decide go inside grab my stuff and head to the park the back way otherwise it's a lecture from Martha head of the compound all I have to say is I had an episode and then she'll talk about the homework. I know it won't take long but right now I just want room to breathe, room to run till I'm out of reach of all these problems, room to just scream and let it all out...

Walking out the back door had become a mastery if you knew the code otherwise your screwed but thanks to my undercover help also know as me watching Eric use it one time has helped me to get a quick escape to the park. The park the one place where nobody here goes because most have been banned for some reason or another generally for arson; I remember Mimsy practicing here once till she accidentally set a flower on fire which had apparently been a whole bush of them according to an old lady which the police stupidly didn't bother to look into. I walked along the stone path watching the pebbles change from light and darker forms of the dreary grey colour. She sits on her usual bench overlooking the ocean a cool breeze blowing leaves across the grass. She pulls her camera from her bag and takes a pan view as another wind picks and pulls another leave into its harsh grasps just to let it fall onto the unforgiving pavement ready to be crushed by ongoing visitors walking throughout the park. Then she saw a shadow over her shoulder covering the peacefulness of her next shot, she turned to see a young boy sitting next to her his striking jaw and the way he swept his pencil across his paper to draw the curves of the ever changing waves captivated her. She knew this town well enough to know exactly who lived here but this boy who seemed her age had a surprisingly attractive look about him that she knows she would have recognized that makes her think... There's never a new person in town and whenever there is something always goes down for them its honestly so much safer to have just grown up in this place than to move here whatever the reason but then again that's just the allure of this town I suppose.

"Your new?" I know stating the obvious is one of the worst ways to start a conversation but for some reason I just got nervous I mean usually guys didn't make me think twice but this one had me stunned.

"Yeah just moved into one of the new houses a couple blocks away." He didn't bother to explain where but then again what was the point only one house in this town had just been built it still felt slightly demeaning though...

"Maybe I'll see you around then?" I hate this is sound like a stupid school girl.

"Maybe" Just the way he said it with a slight smile... Oh and the colour of his eyes light as I had ever seen. He'd fit in around here anyone with looks automatically does from what I can tell about the high school. I got up and walked away just like I was being watched I didn't care though just hearing a few words from him had put me in a good mood. But now I had to wonder... Who was he?

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