Little Thorns

Even a big beautiful rose may still have a thorn in its side~ Alex and Alexis both beautiful simple girls and Leon a gorgeous deep guy what happens when their life's intertwine?


8. The Cold - Alex


It was freezing at night here but I guess I should be thankful it’s safe, as our grandparents are so paranoid they have the most high tech systems and guard dogs which yes go off at cars sometimes but at least they pay attention. God I wish we had a heater here it’s so damn cold having goose bumps is not what I want at 3 in the morning. I swear Caleb just doesn't feel cold, I remember he fell asleep in the snow once he woke up with his whole body numb my mum freaked went to the hospital but it turned out it was just pins and needles. It’s always and interesting day when you have to turn around the car because you only had pins and needles.  I started to go through all the random things to do sleep and ended up falling as sleep because they made me so tired, My brains logic right there.

I drag my body out of bed swaying slightly as I can to grips with gravity. Looking over at the other bed I see a mass of sheets, looking at the time I see its 6 am which is odd waking up so early. Wait... Oh my god I can't believe I forgot today's the first Friday of term 1. Ugh as if last year wasn't boring enough now I get to start the first term of four. Oh joy. I'm so happy. Blah blah blah. Okay being sarcastic in my head really isn't the best way to start my day. 

"Glaring at a bed makes you look crazier then you think." 

"I wasn't I was realising what day it was."

"One Friday, second I have to go too and that's no excuse for giving the sheets a dirty look" With that me and Caleb both burst out laughing.

"Hurry up and get dressed Alex breakfast is almost ready and your brother won’t shut up about not being able to eat his food yet." I love grandma she’s not afraid to be rude or mock me or Caleb like a friend I guess it’s what makes her so find to get along with. That and the fact she’s extremely funny which is surprising as so many old people are so prude.

After we got dropped at school Caleb quickly ditched on sight of his friends leaving me alone as per usual knowing that no matter what day it was my friends will never be on time for school. Well except for one. Sarah was my best friend who luckily for me always come early to go to the library half the time to finish homework she’s left to the last minute but she’s one of those people who could be popular and is friends with most of them but just hangs with her own group of friends instead. Though today she looked grouchy as the years nines needed the library for their orientation she’s was unable to go in and as such sat glaring at the book in her hands. Knowing her reaction I walk up flop down on the ground and start complaining about other things about school that generally ends up with us mocking teachers. We only met in year nine but she’s been a decent friend the past two years being year 11 now and having more important standards and whatever.

"Screw the library being out of bounds sitting outside B block isn't gonna kill us but having math class on this first day of the year probably will."

"Maybe if you study you won't have to worry." She may have said it like she meant it but the smirk on her face said otherwise.

Looking into the window at some of the transfers either foreign or just from another school. But then I saw him, the boy that moved into the new house. Assuming she'd point I sit thinking about how to mention it to Sarah so I figure just say what I found out the other day and then I'll be specific.

"Sarah did I mention to you who I saw yesterday?"

"Oh was it the guy in your old French who you mentioned seemed more cute than usual?" I'm gonna kill her one day, if she wasn't such a good friend I probably would've already I think as I throw her a glare.

"Well a family finally moved into the new house down where my grandma lives."

"Oh you mean that giant blue one?"

"Yes and if you don't point like you did at that hot guy at the beach I'll tell you where their gorgeous son is standing." Not surprisingly she starts looking around the second I say the word gorgeous, her eyes darting from each then coming back to me. This is the part where she and me have stare off usually because there’s a group of good looking year twelve’s on one side and a couple of good looking transfers on the other him being one of them.



"We gonna play this game again."

"Fine, he’s the one in purple."

Her eyes narrowed and the bugged out of her head for like a minute before reply "You mean the one that just got caught by me staring at you?”

 Turning over I linked eye contact with the new kid and right before I go to reply to Sarah I hear a familiar voice behind me.



Authors note: The addition of the character Sarah is dedicated to the writer and is based on her choice of description of this character and her actual personality. Her character is only based on her idea although what happens will be decided by me being the sole author.

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