Little Thorns

Even a big beautiful rose may still have a thorn in its side~ Alex and Alexis both beautiful simple girls and Leon a gorgeous deep guy what happens when their life's intertwine?


1. Prolouge


Thoughts spun through her mind, why couldn’t she hold on? What happened this time? And then the colours faded to black.

She woke. Her mind empty and her world cold as if it was pushing her away from all she held close. She went to get dressed opening her closet to the vast array of clothes she never wore, colours she didn't even like and a sense of longing for who she could've been. She looked on her wall "Alex" her name draped across the wall by silk lettering in cold black paint. Simple, elegant and dark it suited. She missed the days she'd paint the vibrant silhouette of the sunset and the happiness of her friends. But those days were gone. Some things happened more quickly then she could've ever thought, but a domino effect works in odd and confusing ways she'd learnt that now. The cold winds blew around outside and the howling of the wind almost drowned out the thoughts in her mind. Almost. She slid the dress off its hanger and slid into the dress. The shimmering blue silk shined in the light that was breaking through the clouds. She knew that in this place it wasn't her, well the girl she was then but it all felt natural except the dress this was more; The colouring of it was always the same she didn't know where she was but it was always there in one way or another.

Then as her head span and her eyes snapped open. "Alex! Alex wake up what happened? Are you okay" Voices flooded around her. She spun around confused, her head diving making her dizzy but she quickly got to grips with reality. Standing in front of her confused friends and some of her other classmates she got up and went and sat down.

"I'm fine".

"What happened you just dropped?" May said.

"I dunno, I can't remember".

"Then what do you remember" Lucille's voice wasn't hard to distinguish in her usual demanding tone even when she's worried.

"I remember walking down the stairs going to get a drink... then nothing".

"You were only out for 3 minutes but that happened 30 minutes ago Alex none of us could find you, then we saw you walking in and you just went out. Are you sure you're okay?" Lucille was glaring not in a bad way in her usual thinking way... Actually they're both pretty bad but then she remembered.

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