Little Thorns

Even a big beautiful rose may still have a thorn in its side~ Alex and Alexis both beautiful simple girls and Leon a gorgeous deep guy what happens when their life's intertwine?


5. Little Changes - Alex


I heard the window close downstairs. No matter how old I was I knew it never closed quietly, but it was the only proper window to be able to fit out of the bigger thing was it always gets closed a way that you can't open from the outside, but that's not a hard thing to notice but the only reason someone would close it like that was if they wanted to come back. So there was the question for what would they come back for or even worse for who, I yelled out to Caleb who was frustrated as he was walking in... Wait just walking in?

"I thought you came in right behind me?"

"I had till I heard a noise in the kitchen and saw someone in black climbing out the window then running down the street."

"Are you sure it was the same person?"

"I...I thought so but... Al why are you asking?" I could tell from the look on his face his was scared and confused and this was nothing out of random.

"Because the kitchen window was shut like someone wanted to be able to get back in but they obviously didn't realise the noise it would-"


"Yeah?" I could see him slowly getting out his phone and beckoning me to go closer as I replied slowly to cover the sound of my footsteps.

He leaned in and whispered into my ear, his face pale as the clouds outside "It only makes a noise loud enough for you to hear upstairs if it's done inside but whoever climbed out was taller than who I saw but that also meant they're back inside or they couldn't get out".

I took a step forward knowing the cupboard was the only place they would hide and then I saw her. The girl who I saw myself as the girl when I slipped earlier and she didn't even look scared just angry. Thunder rolled and boomed outside where the recently clear weather had been quickly replaced but I knew not to move. Caleb stepped next to me and in the second I looked at him then turned back she was gone. Vanished. Poof gone out of my vision but I knew one thing now. She had me in her grasps when she wanted there was no forced entry or anything so she had a way of getting in and she wasn't alone... But people just can't disappear which only left one thing that I hadn't seen anything. Whatever it was, it was real because being in denial just wasn't gonna be the case no matter what may be the end result.

"Did you just see that Al?"

"Wait you saw it too?"

"For a second... who..who was that?"

"Remember how I told you bout that dream when I was that other girl?"

"Yeah you could never sleep after you had one of those episodes."

"Well that was her."

"That... that... oh my god."

"What? What is it?"

Caleb sprints upstairs and into his room before I get the chance to stop him, then pounding down the stairs he hands me a photo that our mom gave him when he was old enough to know he was adopted of him with his parents and little sister.

"See this girl next to me?"

"Yes bu- oh my god that face..."

"Do you think tha-"

"Did that investigator ever find your real family?"

"No wasted my money on some pathetic leads."

"So where does this leave us?"

"I'm not sure but we can't stay here tonight."

So we got in the car knowing that he'd take me and him to our grandparents they got used to us going up and we even had our own room. It felt weird not going up because something went down at home but because someone was ugh... Stalking? Yeah let's go with that. As we pulled up and got out of the car I looked over at the newly finished house on the block. It was a marvel no matter how you look at it I looked up at the giant window on the front and a boy with a strong and gorgeous face caught my eye. Well that was one thing, there's a new boy it town. I wish I could tell him good luck now because in this town you need it.

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