Little Thorns

Even a big beautiful rose may still have a thorn in its side~ Alex and Alexis both beautiful simple girls and Leon a gorgeous deep guy what happens when their life's intertwine?


7. A walk in the Park - Leon


Looking down I saw a girl with a sweet face and blond hair but something about her seemed dark... So why did that draw me in... By the time I look back she's gone but a face like that was something unique. But to me it partly felt dangerous and I don't know why but I liked it. I slid down the railing of the stairs and picked up my first box. Walking sideways up the stairs, narrowly dodging my parents I quickly make it back to my room. The first box I open is a box of my clothes which I throw across the surrounding floor till I manage to find my good jersey. The second is my main art supplies 5 large cases of pens, paints, pencils, chalks and charcoal. Of which I takes some of my simple black and grey pencils as well as an eraser which I put into my satchel. Then after all the other boxes have been brought up I find the one with my papers and workbooks, the last to come out annoyingly but at least now I have all my stuff. After putting my new art pad into my satchel along with my other things like my iPod and phone.

"I'm going out mum." I yell out.


"Not sure yet."

"Well try and be home before dark then, okay?"

"Yes mum."

I wandered the street just me and my iPod walking down the seemingly continues street. Just me and my satchel hanging over my shoulder and my music, there was nothing more relaxing. He loved loud music any type there was apparently it didn't suit but it was fun just being distracted and it just made me more passionate when I painted or drew though painting was my lesser annoyingly. It was always frustrating when I got told you’re so quiet why do you listen to such loud music? Because it wasn't about it being loud it was about it blocking out any other thoughts and distractions that took me away from my work. I grazed the side of the bush as I came out of my day dream and looked up to see I was nearing a park well there was one at the end of the street anyway.

Crossing the street felt like a walking alone in a ghost town. Walking along the brown path cover in little rocks was as boring as the next, one day they should get taggers to spray paint a pathway that would be something I'd like. Cause in this day in age expression is finally realised as a good thing that can very well be a talent depending on the form of which it is conveyed which I always thought sounded boring as hell but I guess that’s just what happens. I stopped suddenly I looked up to see an ugly old bench overlooking the unforgiving waves that were crashing into the shore of the beach around the bay but form here it had a perfect view. Awkwardly there was a seemly dark and solemn girl sitting on one side but even so she was breath-taking compared to the other girl I saw early she seemed the exact opposite dark hair, eyes and dreary presence. Looking up I realised it mirrored how the weather was which couldn’t help but make me smile. I sat down next to her and started drawing the waves but only as I saw in my having a photographic memory enabled me to look at something then start drawing it only relying on the image in my head to draw my picture landscapes were always the hardest though. Even though they were the hardest they were still the most fun as it was like painting a picture though it changes quickly depending on the wind. I only learnt that when the first time I tried to draw on a windy day I got frustrated and gave up because even though I have a photographic memory it’s always easier to look at it what your trying to draw while doing so.

I could feel eyes watching me out of the corner of my vision...

"Your new?" The girl who seemed to have stopped having such a bad mood asked me in a curious tone which easily showed she was nervous to speak to me. Honestly I got it sometimes but the allure of this girl made it seem like it was such a special thing.

"Yeah just moved into one of the new houses a couple blocks away." I replied on the way into town I looked around seeing absolutely no other form of construction whatsoever so I figured it wouldn't be a hard guess to where. I could help but be slightly amused by the little glare she held before she continued talking.

"Maybe I'll see you around then?" I swear my imagination made it sound like she was hoping to... Then again my ego can be pretty big.

"Maybe" I said letting slip a smile that which although I tried to stop it was obvious. Looking at her more clearly I noticed the darkness of her green eyes like and entrapped soul that occasionally came through like a moment like this it seemed. As she said that though she got up and walked away I turned and stared the way she walked, she held herself which such a high presence it seemed to intimate a small group of teens nearby who looked over which made me laugh quietly although I did get a couple looks from ongoing walkers. Looking back to the scenery I loved how it fit perfectly in line with the park and the trees encasing it. Then I suddenly felt a hand on my shoulder...

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