Little Thorns

Even a big beautiful rose may still have a thorn in its side~ Alex and Alexis both beautiful simple girls and Leon a gorgeous deep guy what happens when their life's intertwine?


10. A long Walk Home - Leon


Turning around I see my Dad, old and scruffy under the now dimly lit lights of the park; I did this a lot sitting here painting for hours forgetting about any other engagements or things I'm supposed to be doing and looking at my watch its eight o clock which means I was supposed to be home three hours ago. Crap. 

"Do you know what time it is?"

"Time for me to move my ass?"

"Smart boy now move on home I'm getting dinner text your mother on the way too she’s worried about you son so was I."

"Sorry Dad I lost track of time I won’t let it happen again."

My walk turned into a sprint as I spied and elderly woman looking at a sign and laughing I mean seriously what the hell could be weirder at night... Oh a dude chasing their own dog well okay then I think as I shake my head after slowing my pace walking up my new street. After our usual dinner I go up to my room and its personal bathroom shower and sleep. Usually this would be nothing but tonight I couldn't get my mind off of that girl at the park...

Waking up after the dream I woke dying to paint the girl in my mind... I never get these well sometimes I do I mean with the most random things not a people let alone a girl. That aside I strode across the room, an idea forming in my head. I opened my art box and picked the most delicate pink I could find. I always loved painting like this I go into this trance like state and I just let my mind do as it wants. I painted her lips first, curving them into the perfect, sensual lines I could remember so well. Her eyes formed next, the beautiful deep green contrasting against the white of the paper. I could have painted her for hours and still never quite capture the full beauty of those eyes. God, I just couldn't seem to get off my mind right now. Her luminous beauty captured my heart and my mind. I turned my mind back to the painting, shaping her broad, defined cheekbones. I added a hint of pink to her cheeks, only adding to her breath taking beauty...

After a two hours of painting I finally finish painting her I was surprised at what it looked like, from first look I mean it looked like a photo of how she was sitting next to me last night which honestly made me feel proud I mean I know I've always been a good painter but nothings ever turned out like this. Looking at the clock I see it’s only four am which means I had three hours of dreaming about some girl I just met then spent two hours painting her god I feel like such a stalker right now. Then again most teenagers are these days, well from the way my old friends acted it sure seemed that way. I sighed at that thought seeing as my last real friends where when I was 12 and being 16 I miss it more than I thought I would sadly.

I managed to get about and hours sleep before being re awoken by my mum at 6 just to be reminded I have to go to school ugh because being home schooled wasn't allowed when a science experiment left out old cat hairless, keeping in mind she left me alone with gases and I thought the big cloud after the boom just made the room stink Pika our poor little kitten lost all his hair. I forgot how that still stung every cat or dog we've had having to be passed on to our neighbors or new owners of our houses after the fourth I decided no pets till we had a permanent house speaking of which I think I know what I want for my birthday I think with a broad smile.

After an hour and a half of getting ready, eating and watching TV I get called down to go to my new school, I can't even remember the name I gave up after awhile of remembering and being the first day they'll repeat it a few times anyways I assume. I get dropped at the new high school by my mum looking around it wasn't hard to see the clicks an knowing how schools react to different personas and I mean I tried a few, being curious to see reactions it was funny seeing what groups rejected you and what ones told you not to go to them in the first place. After a while this wasn't as amusing and being myself got hard enough to figure out but right now I think I know who I am well enough to know who to go to and what to say. I know I seem cocky to most but I can't really say I care I mean as long as it's not gonna hurt someone just to make myself happy and the just don't like it why should I change for them honestly I'd rather be cocky then a stuck up little pomp.

Walking along I start a chat with some of the little cheerleaders you could tell were only groupies but the point was they always tell their friends everything so as per usual their little leader will meet me then introduce me and so on and so forth up the rankings to sit with the jocks and I mean as long as the know when they meet you, your good at art they usually don't get all weird about it like some when they found out after they showed my piece to the school then things got awkward. But now it’s a whole new start and for some reason after they have all my data sorted for my new school the old stuff gets wiped I tried to ask once but when your only 14 and you get slapped by a drunk and frustrated father it puts you off looking into that sort of thing again...

After going through most of the orientation we had to wait for the dean after all these other things and getting the new schedule and stuff I leaned back in the awkward and uncomfortable chairs and looking out the window I see the girl I saw outside my window the other day laughing and being happy with her friend which I thought may have caught me staring, honestly it didn't bother me then she looked over at me herself and I couldn't help but get caught in her gaze until her head turned and seeing as the dean had finally arrived I guess I'd never know who it was although I really had to wonder why I was so curious.

By the end of the process we got given a guide till the proper schedules were given all we knew was our teachers and their classes annoyingly. Looking at my watch it was 1:50, ugh why the hell couldn't they do this some other less boring way though my buddy... Luke I think it was, was an alright dude walking into the class the teacher introduced me and the only possible seat was next to the girl I saw once again up close her beautiful flowing hair framed her face perfectly. Sitting next to her we have a slightly awkward talk for most of form time and when the bell does I get withdrawn to go to the office and meet my Dad, assuming this was part of the orientation and I can go home it’s a pretty good day.

After meeting my dad and an awkward car ride home, well awkward being that he barely spoke to me which yes I suppose car ride wise it’s not that odd but him barely acknowledged me is a bit far as far as he goes with his dislike of me and my little attitude. "I'll meet you inside" he says dropping me outside the house and considering it takes a second to park he really doesn't wanna see me which after realising he wasn't parking in the drive I got confused. Until I saw the cop car sitting in the drive storming into the house I walk into the lounge to find my mum sitting with two officers looking tired and scared. "Sit down son; we need to have a word with you."

Authors note: Thanks to a little co-writer of mine for writing some of the upcoming parts of leon.

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