Little Thorns

Even a big beautiful rose may still have a thorn in its side~ Alex and Alexis both beautiful simple girls and Leon a gorgeous deep guy what happens when their life's intertwine?


3. A life of Mirrors - Alexis



A dragging sensation consumed her and her wants and wills became void. She became limp a slight anger rose, just as she was waking up then getting this feeling drew it out of her as she tried to stand. And then she lost control.

She curled up on the floor. Her world retched away from her against her will. Alex battled with her mind being invaded by someone else. From a young age she'd had the ability to dip into other peoples minds some just because she was curious about something linked to them. This ability she honed quickly and was able to search their minds but this gave her a vulnerability to these people. Generally it wasn't a problem as they'd dip her mind would repel and created a wall against them. But this was different this girl she had done this before and then forgotten or so she thought. By this point she was fed up, frustrated and was going to take her down.

The she came back, back from a seemingly lulled sleep. She got up and walked to the window the horizon was dead, black clouds forming overhead, thunder booming and the wind howling out. She walked to her closet and opened the door thinking of the blue dress the other girl... Alex she called herself seemed to find. Alex. Alexandra. A name like her own though her personality seemed young and free she knows the full extent of life hasn't reared its head and shown her how hard it really is. She opened her door and walked down the hallway till the elevator. They always encouraged them to use the stairs but Alexis wasn't the type. Reaching the bottom she joined the others, they were all there for their own reasons but sadly for her none shared her ability. Though she did take fondness to the small group then can make things combusted then reverse the process. She was always interested by things that weren't supposed to work and did the whole concept fascinated her. Well unless it was actually linked to her then all hell would break lose not literally but enough to make storms brew but lately she actually found happiness in the dreary looming fog she's been able to create.

"Well hello there miss moody" Eric, he was always there but half the time she wanted to tear him apart for not shutting up sometimes but still he was a good guy. Well as long as Selene doesn't stick her claws into him. She is like a virus, going around being with innocent victims then emotionally ripping their throats out. So always keeping him close is good for not just herself.

"You can either stop talking or get me food".

"There's a difference between being playful and being demanding and stuck up you know".

"I'm just having one of those days okay! Telling me off for not being happy isn't gonna help".

"If you keep raising your voice of course it's not gonna help". Mimsy suddenly voiced by her annoyance of those who break her concentration.

"Sorry oh great queen didn't mean to disturb you on your throne".

"Talk to the one who isn't trying to do their homework or better yet start doing your own".

"Eric would you mind explaining the newly found rudeness in our little friend?"

"She's got an exam I already did it so I get some freedom".

"Oh little doctor try not to steal the spotlight" Seeing Eric smirk she remembered the reality of it. "Keep in mind they hold their status very close and newbie's meddling causes with it makes them pretty vengeful"

As his smile turns into a questionable look "Whenever you have one of these days you always seem to go and find the source why not this one?"

"Because it's the repeat".

With that he gets up and drags her to the library their routine of finding whoever is causing these dips are usually aren't that hard but this one has eluded them and Alexis sensed this isn't go be let go quick. But somehow she recognises a name. Caleb. She notices it tagged to one of the possible people she wondered how she knew this name the remembered, Her family but him up for adoption when they realised he was a pure mortal. She always regarded the situation as cruel but it wasn't something spoken of around her family.

"We should pay this person a little visit don't you think?"

"How's it going to work if she doesn't even know who we are we can't just go there walk in and be like "YOU INVADED MY MIND NOW DIEEEEEEEEE" cause I have a feeling that effect won't really come across very well. By this point Eric was laughing so hard he fell of his chair.

"Okay okay but didn't you get a key in case he was in trouble"

"But we-ohhhhh the address of the website?"


"Might as well"

As he started the car she drifted into a serenity of sleep but with a slam of a near car door she woke outside the house. Eric already at the door checking if anyone was home, then slowly unlocking the door. Wait she thought as she realised he'd taken the key in her sleep. They walk in and up the stairs with two possible rooms, one plain and boring. Like an adult. Like a mother. The other was random and a mess she wondered if she'd noticed something changed. Then she heard a smash. She turned to see him break the rest of the perfect little picture frames on the wall, the screen of the laptop that probably took months to only just afford and to end his mini rampage he threw her books on the floor. She turned to speak but then stopped abruptly; She heard the doorknob turn down the stairs.

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