Evangeline Waters is broken. When eveyrthing in her life had ever centered around is ripped from her in a freak accident, she blames herself. A distant aunt and a unknown cousin the same age as her is all she has left. She's never met them, but she finds herself shipped off from her home in Nevada to live in England. Her new school? Sucks. The other kids? Treat her like an outcast. But maybe...... Just maybe, a group of boys can rebuild this broken girl. But for now, just sleep..
I also have this story up on Quotev and Wattpad, so no one is stealing it aha! xx Please read and enjoy!!


3. Preparing To Let Go


I woke to the smell of food that made my stomach churn. Everyday since the accident, I would wake and have a small pain in the front of my head. It wasn’t unbearable but it was annoying. As soon as the pain would fade, the memories would flood my mind and threaten to bring out my inner hatred for myself. I’d let a few tears fall in memory and then spend the whole day just waiting to sleep again. It was a cycle that I had gotten used to. 

Today was my first real day in England with Harry and Anne. I pulled myself off the bed and made my way to the bags that Harry and his friends must have brought up here while I was resting. I quickly took out a pair of ripped jeans, a t-shirt, and a pair of vans. On my way to the bathroom I heard Anne downstairs calling for Harry to take out the trash. I scrambled into the bathroom and ran myself a bath. As I sat there in the water, just thinking, every thing hit me. My family is really gone. I’m not waking up, and this is it. Wow. That’s depressing shit. 

I finished bathing and dried myself off. I got dressed and fixed my hair to where it was at least some form of decent.

I walked downstairs to see Anne about to walk out the front door. “Good morning sleepy!” She laughed. I gave her a small smile and asked, “Where’s Harry?”. I’d like to get to know my cousin. Maybe he won’t hate me. “Oh he’s down stairs with his friends. You’re welcome to go join him. He was asking for you earlier.” Anne paused and pointed to a door that was probably the basement door. “I’m going out for a bit. I’ll be home to cook dinner.” 

I stood on the last step, just wondering. Pondering really, as to if I should go downstairs.  I finally got enough courage to walk right over there and, turn around to go to the kitchen and get something to eat. I’m such a failure. Truth is, I’ve never been good at being the first one to talk. Never been good at going to others and making friend. That was Claire’s talent. She could go up to anyone and if they didn’t like her, she’d make them. God I missed her so much.

I heard a door open and some footsteps shuffle and some laughter from the hallway. Good. I wouldn’t have to go and start the conversation. “Lena!” the boy I remembered as Louis came over and hugged me. I went rigged. I wasn’t afraid, just shocked. I’ve never been randomly hugged by some strange boy I didn’t know. “Hey cuz.” Harry said as he pulled out five Cokes. He tossed four of them to the boys and opened his. “How are you?” Harry asked. I smile and said, “Pretty good.” 

“That’s a croc of shit.” Zayn called to me. He smiled and said, “You look tired.” I laughed and shook my head. “Yeah, it’s been a rough week.” I picked up an apple from the fruit bowl near me and bit into it. “So are you ready to start school here?” The on named Niall asked me. I looked up and his eyes caught me. They were beautiful. “Uhm...well, no. Not really.” I smiled and he laughed. “So how do you all know each other?” 

“It’s not some long detailed story. So to sum it up, we all met at school. Back when we were around ten or so.” Liam answered. I nodded and asked them what they wanted to do. “Well, we were about to go to the movies! You should come with us!” Niall blurted out. I laughed and Louis clapped Niall on the back. “Smooth.” 

“Well, let me grab my phone and I’ll be back down.” I ran upstairs and quickly found my iPhone.

Why do you need it? No one cares about you. 

No. No you leave me alone. Today is for me.

I can’t go away. I’m you. 

I shook my head and pushed that bitchy, depressing nag out of my head. I walked back down to see the boys standing by the door. “You ready?” Liam asked. 



We took a train to the local movie theater and decided to see The Possession. Zayn suggested it. After buying our tickets, Zayn wrapped his arm around me. “If you get scared you can hold my hand.” I FELT my cheeks get read. I literally just wanted to scream. Boys had never really noticed me and I’d only had a few boyfriends. None of them were serious. Heck, my last boyfriend lasted a day! A DAY! He kept calling me ‘honey’ and treating me like I was his wife. I couldn’t deal with that, too weird.

I laughed and nudged him off of me and said, “And if you get scared, I’m sure Harry would hold you!” Everyone but Harry and Zayn laughed. “I see you, I see you. don’t worry. I’ll get you back!” Zayn went to tickle my sides and I ran off inside. Louis and Harry went to buy us all some drinks and popcorn, while Niall and Zayn raced each other to the arcade to play some racing game. That left me alone with Liam. He was a soft spoken boy. “So, I wanted to say sorry....about your parents and sister. I didn’t really want to bring it up, and now I’m going on and on and-” I cut him off. “Liam it’s okay, really. I mean, yeah it hurts but, I’ll learn to cope with it.” I gave him a reassuring smile. “Okay,” he sighed, “if you do need someone to talk to though, you can come to me.” He pulled me into a hug and I hugged back. He was warm, and I felt safe in his arms. 

“Who’s ready to get scared?!” Niall said in a deep voice. I laughed and told the boys I’d been right in, and that I had to use the bathroom. Liam offered to stay and wait for me but I waved him and the rest to go without me. 


I finished and went to wash my hands when a sharp pain, short and quick, shot through my head. ‘Weird’ I thought.

Don’t get to comfortable. I’m still here. Here to reming you that it’s still your fault. No one should feel sorry for you.

Please just stop. I know it’s my fault my family is gone, but all I can do is move on! 

“Stop.” I whispered. I looked in the mirror and sighed. Well, Harry’s cute friends already know I look like shit, so why bother. My hair had gotten a bit frizzy and my nose was turning red from the crisp chill outside. 

I walked out of the bathroom to see Niall standing there with his hands in his pocket and looking down. “Niall?” I asked. “Hey! I came back to wait for you!” He smiled. I laughed and told him that I was fine, but he insisted that he wanted to wait for me. 

Aww, how cute. Too bad he won’t like you as much when he finds out you’re the reason your family is d e a d.

I smiled and ignored the nag in the back of my head. “Well c’mon!” Niall waved me over the him. As we started walking towards our theater, he tried to hold my hand. His were a bit clammy and shaking. I laughed and intertwined our fingers so calm him down. I saw him smile out of the corner of my eye. 

The movie was terrifying! I sat in between Niall and Liam. In order it was Louis, Zayn, Niall, Me, Liam, and then Harry. Almost several times I screamed! It was a horrid movie, I’d have nightmares for weeks. But the main thing about the movie was the awkward air in the room. There Liam and Niall were with their hands on the arm rests. I kept thinking to myself, ‘Don’t let yourself get too attached.’ and ‘Don’t fall for one of them. You’ll only cause them to worry about you and stress them out with your shit’. 

Because no one likes a murderer.


“But when the hand came out of that guys mouth!!” Louis and Harry were recalling all the gruesome happenings in the movie. “What time is it?” Zayn asked. “Uhm, 6:30.” I told him, looking at my phone. “Shit!” He cursed under his breathe, “I’ll see you guys later, I’ve got a family thing!” He called to us while he ran down the block. “Yeah, it’s kinda late. I need to get home too.” Louis said and turned to Niall, “You need a ride mate?”. 

“Sure.” Niall looked to me and smiled, “I’ll see you guys later. Bye Lena.” I felt the goofy grin cover my face. “Alright, mum should be home and making dinner. You ready?” Harry asked me, and I nodded. “Liam you want to come over?” Harry looked at Liam, who glanced at me and said yes.

The ride home wasn’t awkward at all. No, it was perfectly normal. If by normal, you mean no one talked and all you could hear was the Kpop coming out of the cab driver’s radio. 

Waling into the house, the warm air that smelled of pizza hit us. “Oh my God, Mum did you make us pizza?!” Harry screamed and ran for the kitchen. I laughed, and Liam and I followed Harry to see a huge pizza pie on the island counter top. I must admit, I see why Harry got excited. “So, Lena, did the boys and you have fun today? They didn’t leave you out or anything?” Anne shot a glare at Harry. “No! They were awesome, I had a lot of fun.” I reassured her. “Good! Well, everyone grab some! Eat up!” Anne announced.


After three slices of pizza and two cans of Coke, Harry, Liam, and I moved to the basement while Anne retired to her room for the night. We just sat down there and watched TV. It was awhile until Harry’s head fell backwards and his mouth popped open. A soft snore escaped him, and Liam chuckled.  “He’s always the first to fall asleep.” I nodded and turned my attention back to the TV. “It’s already 12:30?!” Liam gasped, “Well, looks like I’m staying the night.” He settled down in his spot next to me. “So, wanna play twenty questions?” Liam asked. “Sure?” I said a bit unsure. He got up and pulled me up after him. He led my to the beanbags beside the couch. “Alright you first then.” I said. 


“What’s your favorite color?” he asked. “Blue. Same question.” He smiled and said, “Purple. Uhm, favorite band?” 

“Sleeping With Sirens or Pierce The Veil.” I smiled, he’d have no idea who they were. 

“Hmm. Can’t say I’ve heard of them actually.” I laughed, I knew it! “What do they sing?” 

“Hey no! It’s my turn! Uhm, first kiss?” I laughed. “I was nine, it was okay I guess.” He laughed. “What about yours?” He said. “Hmm, probably about when I was thirteen. Boys never really liked me. So, yeah.” I laughed awkwardly. Wow, I’m such a nerd. “Who wouldn’t like you? You’re funny and pretty.” Liam said. He wasn’t smiling, he was staring into my eyes. I kind of felt out of place, like someone put me under a microscope. But Liam was so cute! “Thanks I , uh, guess ?” 

Suddenly, Liam was closer to me than he was before. Slowly inching his face towards mine, I closed my eyes when-


Harry’s snore echoed! I pulled back and laughed, Liam doing the same. We were in fits, and all Harry could do was roll over on the couch. After the laughter had subsided, I looked to Liam. He looked back and smiled. “Well, it’s late” I said, as I got up and pecked Liam on the cheek.I made my way to the stairs, and as I reached the last step, I turned to see Liam smiling at me, “Goodnight Liam.” I said as I walked out and closed the door.

When I got to my room, i grabbed my night clothes and was ready for some rest! As I fell asleep that night, I prayed to God that life would maybe be looking up now. I fell asleep with a million thoughts racing through my mind. It was just time to sleep.

~~~~~ Hope you loved it! Or at least liked it a bit! <3 Buh-bye!  -Koala<3
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