Evangeline Waters is broken. When eveyrthing in her life had ever centered around is ripped from her in a freak accident, she blames herself. A distant aunt and a unknown cousin the same age as her is all she has left. She's never met them, but she finds herself shipped off from her home in Nevada to live in England. Her new school? Sucks. The other kids? Treat her like an outcast. But maybe...... Just maybe, a group of boys can rebuild this broken girl. But for now, just sleep..
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1. Prayers For The Innocent


"I can't believe I'm in high school now!" my little sister Claire squealed in the seat next to me. I turned to smile at her. "Lena, can I sit with you at lunch?" She asked innocently, batting her long eyelashes. "Uh, maybe. Just try and make some friends. You'll do fine!" I reassured her.

This was it. My senior year, and then I could go and do anything. BE anything. My mom and dad insisted on driving Claire and I to school, since it was a big year for both of us. I agreed because my car is complete and utter shit! Something is wrong with the engine and it won't start, so I have no choice. 

"You excited too, Lena?" My dad looked at me through the rearview mirror smiling. I nodded and looked out the window while twirling a strand of dark brown hair between my fingers. My mom turned around and squeezed the hand that sat on my knee. I looked to her and saw the same green/blue eyes staring back at me. The same dark hair that my sister and I had inherited, same freckles dotting across the bridge of our noses, same mischievous grin. Poor Dad, no one looked like him. I really do wish I had gotten his blonde hair though...Before I knew what was happening, I heard my little sister scream and the scraping of metal. Everything went black for what seemed like only a minute.

The pounding in my head became more intense when I opened my eyes and took in my surroundings. I was hanging from my seat upside down and there was glass everywhere. I told myself not to look for my family, but I did. Next to me was my sister Claire. Her eyes were shut, almost like she was sleeping. But the small trickle of blood flowing from her mouth told me otherwise. I let the sob escape my mouth and heard a rustling outside. "Get some men over here! Let's flip this thing back over! QUICK!" A man yelled from outside of the vehicle. I felt the car being pushed, and another push, and another, until it was rolled back upside right. "Ma'am? Are you alright?" A strong hand reached through the shattered window and touched my shoulder. The sunlight was blinding and my head was swimming with questions. "You've been in an accident. The paramedics are on the way." 

I tried to wrap my head around the situation. "No." I said, "No we were on the way to school. It's my senior year, I can't-" I tried to form the words. Another sob escaped my throat and the tears ran freely down my face. "My parents-" It wasn't even a question, but the look on the man's face told me all I needed to know. He opened the door and helped me take off my seatbelt. "Can you walk Miss?" He asked. I nodded and pulled myself from the wreckage. 

I had been able to stand just fine, but before anyone could catch me the ground felt as if it was pulled from underneath me and I fell. My vision was going dim and I could barely hear the sirens getting closer. I saw the fire burning where the engine was, and tried to point. 

The men who had flipped the car came over to help me up so that we could move away from the burning vehicle. "NO!" I screamed. My family was in there. I ripped myself from their hands and staggered forwards to the car. As if I could help them. Two EMTs made their way towards me as my vision got even darker. I had to save my family. Then it hit me, Who is there to save Lena. They're gone. But it should've been you. 

I shook away the thoughts as the car finally blew.

It wasn't some giant explosion that would be in some hit blockbuster. It was small, but it meant something to me. It was my life deteriorating in front of me. I lost my grip and broke down. Everything went dark again as the two EMTs drove me off towards the hospital.


An annoying beeping sound woke me. My alarm clock. I reached out to my nightstand but it wasn't there. I shot up and the beeping got faster. It took a minute for my vision to adjust.

"Ms. Waters?" A strange voice asked form the doorway. A middle-aged man in a long white coat stood there with a clipboard. "What-?" I asked confused. Why wasn't I at home? Where were my parents? What happened to me? 

"Ms. Evangeline Waters?" The doctor asked again coming to stand at the edge of my bed. "Uh, yeah." I said a little unsure. "I'm doctor Gibs. Ms. Waters, it saddens me to inform you this, but earlier this morning you were in a car accident with your family." I looked up in horror as it all came flooding back. Like a smack to the face all the shattered glass and the fire. My sister and parents. 

"My family they're.....They're dead." I whispered. "Yes Ma'am. I'm terribly sorry. But you are indeed alive, and in outstanding condition for having been in a three car crash." He stated. 

"What?" I asked. "You were hit by a drunk driver head on. The car behind you had no time to stop and the passengers died on impact. You're lucky to be alive." The Doctor paused. "Well,  I'll be keeping an eye on you while you're here. Your nuses will be Mrs. Tate in the mornings and Ms. Cross during the nights. They'll take care of anythign and everything you need." Doctor Gibs walked back towards the open door. "Mrs. Tate will be in shortly to give you some pain medicine. Social Services is trying to track down your father's sister and inform her. She, if found, will be your new guardian until you reach the age of 18." Doctor Gibs smiled and left the room, leaving me with my thoughts. 

It's your fault you know.

It can't be. I wasn't the drunk driver.

Thanks to you, Mom and Dad are dead. Claire's never gonna actually get to go to high school like she wanted. The people in the car behind you are dead because of you too. 


I couldn't prevent the tears from falling down my face, the sobs aching to escape. I cried myself to sleep.

This can't be happening. I thought as the weight of unconsciousnous over took me.

Tomorrow I'll wake up,......and everything will be normal. 

~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hope you liked it! ~xxKoala
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