Evangeline Waters is broken. When eveyrthing in her life had ever centered around is ripped from her in a freak accident, she blames herself. A distant aunt and a unknown cousin the same age as her is all she has left. She's never met them, but she finds herself shipped off from her home in Nevada to live in England. Her new school? Sucks. The other kids? Treat her like an outcast. But maybe...... Just maybe, a group of boys can rebuild this broken girl. But for now, just sleep..
I also have this story up on Quotev and Wattpad, so no one is stealing it aha! xx Please read and enjoy!!


2. Hide It Away


“Good morning Miss Waters!” Martha Tate, my nurse who takes care of me in the mornings, singsonged. I rubbed my eyes and sat up a little straighter, while Martha opened the blinds. The sun light made my eyes water and it took a moment to adjust. It’s been a week since the crash, and the doctors were worried about something and wanted to keep me here and monitor me. I’m not sure for what reason, but whatever. It’s a free place to eat, sleep, and relax right? But today, I would be going to live with my Aunt and my cousin. I haven’t met them before. Dad always told us Aunt Anne and her son were busy and didn’t have the money to come and visit. I was told my cousin is about my age, but I’m not exactly sure. 

But get this. They live in England! I’ve always wanted to go there, but not under these circumstances. 

I still had nightmares. The nagging voice in the back of my head made my stomach churn with guilt and anger, regret and pain. I felt like the whole thing was my fault. My sister should have been the one to survive, not me. Mom and Dad should have gotten the chance to see Claire graduate. Now they won’t. If I had never accepted the ride to school and had caught the bus, then I’d never feel like this. So alone. 

I watched as Martha pulled in my breakfast in a tray, and turned on the TV to some kids channel. Did this woman realize that I’m 17? “So Lena, are you excited? You’re going to England! Where exactly do they live?” She asked while she tried to make me comfortable and pulled the lid off my food. Oatmeal. Yum. “London.” I mumbled and pushed my spoon around the bowl. “That’s amazing! Well, I hope you like your new family!” Her smile was ten times whiter than the bright lights shinning above me. My mind went blank when she said that. 

New family.

I didn’t want a new family. No, I want my family. My mom, dad, and little sister. The ones I grew up around, the ones who know me.

“Well, your social worker went to pick up your clothes from your house. She’ll be back in an hour, and then you can get changed and ready for your plane ride. Okay?” Mrs. Tate smiled even wider. I nodded and took a sip of my orange juice to swallow my pain pills. Today was going to be a long one.


“Here’s your clothes for today. I have the rest packed with all your things. Be ready in ten.” Alicia, my social worker said in her thick southern accent. I grabbed the bag from her and walked to the hospital room’s bathroom. I looked like shit. Not even the patients I’ve seen on death’s bed have looked this bad. I turned on the shower and let the water get warm enough for me. Stepping under that water felt relaxing. As if all my problems could be washed away in a simple scrub of soap, but I could only wish. I had broken my arm and had a few bruises here and there from the crash. I was lucky to be alive, but I didn’t feel lucky. I felt lost, broken even. I washed my hair and scrubbed me down.

Getting out of the shower I began drying off and getting dressed. I slid on a pair of dark wash skinny jeans and a simple grey shirt with pink stripes. I slid on my pair of Vans and pulled my dark hair into a messy bun. I examined the dark circles that have taken residence underneath my eyes. On my forehead the six stitches stood out against my skin. I had terrible flashbacks on occasions. The crash was horrid, and I’ll carry those memories with me forever. 

There was a knock on the door and then I heard, “Come on Lena. It’s time to go.” Alicia’s voice was barely a whisper, but I had heard her. I hung up my towel and walked out the door to be greeted by Alicia, Dr. Gibs, and Mrs. Tate. Mrs. Tate had three bottles in her hand filled with all sorts of medicine for pain and sleeping. She handed them to me as Dr. Gibs instructed me that the blue pills were taken only once every two days, the red ones whenever I’m in pain, and the white ones when I can’t sleep. I take the pills and shove them in my carry on bag Alicia had packed for me.I gave them all a small wave and smile as Alicia and I headed towards the airport. Towards my new home.


“Okay. So I packed everything of yours. All your clothes, your laptop, phone charger, and you’ve got your pills right?” Alicia looked worried. She couldn’t make the trip with me, as she had other children to tend to. “Yes Alicia. I’ve got everything, go or you’ll miss the cab.” I laughed. She had a worried gleam in her eye, but she still smiled and gave me a quick peck on the forehead. I smiled and turned towards the gate of my plane. My steps were steady, but my mind was breaking into millions of pieces. What if they didn’t like me? What if I’m just a burden to them?

You’ll hurt them just like you did your family.

NO. I pushed the small voice away from me as I handed my boarding pass and passport to the small woman standing in front of the gateway. “Have a nice flight.” She smiled at me and I could tell it was forced. She must hate her job. I made my way to my seat and stored my bag above my seat, but not before taking out my Iphone. I sat in my seat and waited for the rest of the plane to fill up and for us to make our way to the runway for takeoff. A small plump woman came waddling down the isle and looked lost. “Excuse me missy, that’s my seat.” Her little sausage finger pointed to the seat next to me. I got up and out of her way, and patiently waited for her to sit down. Which I might add, took about ten minutes. This flight was just going to be a joy.

I sat down and tried to get comfortable, but the woman had taken up nearly both of our seats. “So, going to London eh?” She asked. It wasn’t until now that I had noticed her accent. It was one of those harsh British accents. “Me son got himself in a fix over here in America and I had to come help him. He’s my baby boy. His name is Jeremy-” I wanted to tune her out so badly. I smiled and nodded like I was actually interested. I thanked God, Jesus, whoever was up there looking out for me, when the Captain cam on the overcome and announced that we’d be taking off soon. The flight attendants began their safety run down and showed everyone the emergency exits. Once again I tried to tune out and slipped my earphones into my ears and prepared myself for the long flight ahead. When we were off the ground, my eyelids became heavier and heavier. I slowly slid into a deep sleep. 


I heard my named screamed and looked around. Then the memories came flooding back. The screeching metal, shattering glass, and piercing screams of my sister. I woke in a start, gasping for air. The people around me were still asleep, and thankfully the old woman beside me was knocked out. I wiped the small beads of sweat forming at my brow and settled back into my seat. I didn’t sleep the rest of the flight.


“Ma’am?” I heard someone say. I looked up at the flight attendant and she spoke again. “We’ll be landing soon. I’ll need you to return your seat to it’s upright position and fasten your seat belt.” I nodded and did as I was told. “Oh good! You’re awake. We still have another ten minutes of flight time you know.” I cringed at the voice speaking in my ear. I turned to see the woman I literally wanted to kick off the plane in mid-air smiling at me with her pasty white skin and fried blonde hair. She began to ramble again and I mentally shot myself.


By the time the plane had landed, I wanted to judo kick this woman in the throat. I’ve never hated anyone more than this! As soon as the attendants signaled it was safe to grab your carry-on bag and leave, I bolted out of there. I ran into a line to get out of the gate, and behold. Who comes waddling up behind me in the line? You guessed it. “So whatcha even doin in the Uk?” She asked and I could hear the snarky tone in her voice. 

Just ignore her.

Oh...just like you ignore me? The small voice found it’s way back in my head.

With the woman chatting a hole in my left ear and the small voice pounding in my head, I couldn’t take it anymore. I started pushing through people, and I couldn’t keep the tears at bay. I found my way outside of the line and found the nearest bathroom. I dropped my bag on the floor and splashed cool water on my face.

“Stop it Lena. It’s not your fault.” I repeated to myself over and over again. 

Yes it- “GET OUT OF MY HEAD!” I screamed. I was thankful no one had come in to the bathroom while I was in here. I ran my fingers over the stitches and closed my eyes. 

You can do this. I believe in you. You’re strong.

I looked at myself in the mirror with a determined glare. I nodded in approval and vowed to not let this side of me ever show again. I’ll keep it in a place where it won’t show. From now on I’ll be happy. I deserve to be happy.  I dried my face and picked up my bag. I begun the walk out to where Anna would be waiting. I looked around and started to panic. 

What if she doesn’t care? What if she forgot?

Those where the two questions that ran through my mind while i frantically searched and searched. Finally I saw the sign with ‘Lena Waters’ written on it. A small woman with pretty dark hair stood there with a smile on her face. I walked towards her and as I got closer, I swear her smile touched both ears. “Hi there! I’m Anne.” She said. I stuck out my hand, but she pulled me in for a hug. “I’m sorry sorry sweetie. I may not have been too close with Rupert, but he was still my brother. And I know you miss him, your mum, and your sister too. We can get through this.” She pulled back and held me by the shoulders and looked me dead in the eye. “Welcome to the family!” She said excitedly.

After waiting for an hour to get my luggage and go through security, we were finally in the car. Unlike the woman on the plane, Anne was actually very nice to talk to. She told me about my cousin Harry, whom I’d be going to school with. “Oh he’ll love you! He’s got some mates over right now. So if you start to feel uncomfortable, just tell me and they’re gone down to the basement. Okay?” I smiled and let out a deep breath while nodding. The ride to Anne’s house was short, about fifteen minutes at the most. When we pulled up, I let a small gasp out. This place was gorgeous. The neighborhood was nice, and the houses were beautiful. Way nicer compared to the small house I lived in back in Nevada. “Well, we’re here.” Anne smiled and turned to look at me. “I’ll get Harry and the boys to take your bags up to your room later. You go ahead inside and lay down. You must be exhausted.”

“Okay.” I pushed the door open and walked up towards the house. Anne came up beside me and unlocked the door. “Harold!” She yelled, and the echo bounced off the walls. I heard a scramble from the back of the house, and the sound of multiple feet coming towards us. “Mum, is she here?” I’m assuming Harry asked. He was taller than me, with a head of dark brown curly hair. He smiled at me and stuck his hand out, “Hi. I’m Harry, your cousin.” I took his hand and shook it, “I’m Evangeline, but call me Lena.” I smiled back. “Cool,” Harry let go of my hand and stepped back to introduce his friends. “This is Louis,” He said gesturing the the bright eyed boy with the messy hair, who was wearing a stripped shirt and a pair of suspenders who waved. “Liam,” Harry continued to the boy with the soft brown eyes and a sweet smile gracing his face. “Zayn,” Harry pointed to a guy with black hair and gorgeous eyes, he smiled and waved at me. “And finally Niall.” Harry pointed to the last boy with the messy blonde hair and amazing blue eyes. He smiled and me and I smiled back. “And you already know my mum.” I nodded and looked to Anne. “Well, Lena’s had a rough day. Harry and the boys will bring up your bags in a while. Why don’t you go rest dear.” Anne showed me to the stairs. “Up to the top, to the left, and it’s the second door on the right.” She gave me an encouraging smile and sent me on my way. On the way here she told me I’d be attending school with Harry and his friends. That starts in two days. I’m definitely not ready. 

I found the room that Anne and Harry had prepared for me. It was a soft green, with white furnishing. The bed was covered in a purple and teal bed spread with a million pillows on it. I decided to go to sleep. I’d shower and eat whenever I woke.

This time change, home change, family change.....was going to take some serious getting used to.

~~~~~~~ Okay, so I posted this story on here because I really just want some more readers. I think it's a good story. You might not, but please, if you know someone who migh tlike this, TELL THEM ABOUT ME <3 aha xx  ~Koala

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