Evangeline Waters is broken. When eveyrthing in her life had ever centered around is ripped from her in a freak accident, she blames herself. A distant aunt and a unknown cousin the same age as her is all she has left. She's never met them, but she finds herself shipped off from her home in Nevada to live in England. Her new school? Sucks. The other kids? Treat her like an outcast. But maybe...... Just maybe, a group of boys can rebuild this broken girl. But for now, just sleep..
I also have this story up on Quotev and Wattpad, so no one is stealing it aha! xx Please read and enjoy!!


5. Everybody Talks


*Lena's POV*


Well, today was my first day of school in England. It's kinda of depressing knowing Claire never got to have her freshman year. It hurt thinking back on my lost little sister. I walked to my bathroom and cleaned myself up. I started to apply a little makeup, and then went to get dressed. I decided on a turquoise pair of cropped skinny jeans, and a tribal designed shirt. I practically jumped for joy when I found out that our school didn't have to wear uniforms. Literally, I screamed. Ask Harry, his ears are still ringing I bet. 

        I grabbed my new backpack that anne had gotten me, and slipped on a pair of white Vans. Looking in the mirror, I thought I looked pretty cute for my first day. It's been a while since the nagging voice in the back of my head has bothered me. I'm guessing it's gone for good. I think it's because I'm moving on, and getting happier now that I have Aunt Anne and Harry. Not to mention Liam, Niall, Zayn, and Louis.

        "Hey Lena! You ready?" I heard a familiar Irish accent call upstairs. That's right, Niall is walking to school with Harry and me. I grabbed my phone and headed downstairs, just thinking of Liam. I couldn't wait to see him again. When we went shopping to two of us had a great time! He kept telling me I looked stunning in all the outfits I tried on. My feelings for him were getting deep, and I'm okay with that. He was really sweet and caring. 



With my bag in tow I skipped down the stair two at a time. "Did you want to stop and get a coffee on the way to school?" Harry asked me and I reached him and Niall waiting by the front door. "Sure! Sounds good." I nodded. As we started the walk to the little cafe near our school, Niall was trying to fill me in on who I should and who I shouldn't hang around with. Warning me about the players, potheads, skanks, and the bullies. I was grateful he cared enough to look out for me. He was a great friend.

        After grabbing two lattes, we continued our way to school. "Liam and Louis are gonna meet us under that tree. Zayn is gonna be late today." Niall said, pointing to a giant tree off to the side of a courtyard in front of the school. We all headed over to the tree and sat on the bench under it. "So are you excited Lena?" Harry asked me. I'm assuming he meant about starting school here in England, and I mean I guess I was. "Umh..A little bit." I smiled. "Aw, don't be nervous! Oh, Liam went to see a friend real quick. He'll be here in a bit." Louis said as he was walking up to us. "Hey Lena, what's your schedule?"  Lou asked.

        I pulled the pink sheet from my bag and let Louis and the boys have a look at it. "Awesome! We have maths and chemistry together!" Niall looked up to me with a huge smile on his face. "We have English and German together," Louis said, "Liam has German with us too." Harry looked up at me and said, "We don't have any classes together." I laughed, "Harry I live with you, you'd probably get tired of me having classes with you." 


"Hey guys!" Liam said finally showing up. My heart sped up, he was adorable. He was wearing a flannel shirt and khakis, and looked hot. "Hey Lena," He said while taking a seat beside me, "How are you?" I giggled.




G I G G L E D.


I sat there and giggled like an eleven year old lovesick girl. I coughed to cover it up and answered with a simple, "I'm good, and you?"


Liam smiled and leaned closer towards me, "I'm better now that I'm beside you." His hand found mine and we kept the intertwined hands between us, where the others couldn't see. 


"LILI!!!" A girl squealed and came running up. Liam snatched his hand away from mine, and a look of guilt casted over his face. "Uh..., Hi, Michelle." He said awkwardly. 


Wait. Who is Michelle? I was so lost and confused. "Michelle! You're back! How was France?" Harry asked, and I saw the glimmer in his eyes. Was this Harry's crush? If she was, why did she call out Liam's na- And then it happened. Miss Michelle walked right up to Liam and sat in his lap, while pressing a quick peck on his lips. 


Uhm....what the actual fuck?


There were a massive range of emotions going through me. Hatred, anger, jealousy, despise. "Uhm, who is this?" I asked trying not to sound snarky or rude. It was impossible though. Luckly it didn't phase Michelle and she stuck her hand out to me saying, "I'm Michelle, Liam's girlfriend." My eyes got wide, and that little feeling of anger grew. I stared at her had like it was a dead animal. I'm not touching her.  I turned towards Liam and said, "Have a nice day." 


I grabbed my bag and walked towards the school. How could he lie? How the could other boys have not told me?! He sat there and simply flirted and fucking KISSED me, and the others just sat back and watched. So not a good first day of school. 8 AM and I was already pissed. 


I made my way to my locker and no matter how many times I entered the combination, I couldn't get the damned thing to budge. It was jammed. 


"Need help?" A friendly voice asked. I looked up and saw a group of two guys and a girl. I backed up and said, "Thanks." A small, petite girl stepped up to the locker and gave it a shot. She got it open her first try. "I had this locker a year ago. It's a bit tricky. You just gotta give it a bang before you enter the combo." She smiled at me. She was really pretty. She shook my hand and introduced herself and her friends. 


        "I'm Jenna, this is my boyfriend Jason, and our friend Tate." I smiled and waved to the other two. "So you're new right?" Jason asked. I nodded and said, "Yeah I'm Lena. I just moved here to my Aunt and cousin's house." Jenna piped up, "Oh, who's your cousin?". "Harry Styles." I said. Jenna laughed, "He's was a riot in maths last year! We used to be friends a couple years back, but just drifted." I smiled, at least  I wasn't making friends with people who hated my cousin.


        "So where's your first class?" Tate finally spoke. I looked to him and I could feel the blush creeping up on my face. His accent threw me off though, I wasn't expecting him to be Australian. "Uhm Mr. Doberney. Drama?" I answered. "OH! We can walk together! I have his class too!" Jenna squealed. My, my, she was full on energy. 


"We're gonna be best friends." Jenna said, and then she gave her boyfriend a peck on the cheek, and we gave a small wave to Tate before walking off to class.





A/N: So I'm just gonna throw this out there,.....MY CHAPTER TITLES HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THE CHAPTER REALLY. I guess if you can make some connection and stuff, sure go ahead. Lol usually the title is the song I'm listening  to at the time I begin writing it or end it. :) Aha, sooooooo, comment! Tell me what you think! <3


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