Evangeline Waters is broken. When eveyrthing in her life had ever centered around is ripped from her in a freak accident, she blames herself. A distant aunt and a unknown cousin the same age as her is all she has left. She's never met them, but she finds herself shipped off from her home in Nevada to live in England. Her new school? Sucks. The other kids? Treat her like an outcast. But maybe...... Just maybe, a group of boys can rebuild this broken girl. But for now, just sleep..
I also have this story up on Quotev and Wattpad, so no one is stealing it aha! xx Please read and enjoy!!


6. Betrayed


*Liam’s POV*


How stupid could I be?! I completely forgot about Michelle. Last I heard from here was back in May when her family took off to France and she left without even telling me. Than all those pictures of her and random guys started popping up on her Facebook. So naturally, I thought she had tried to avoid a mess and that it was an unspoken break-up. I didn’t think she’d pop up unexpected and call me her boyfriend. 

But here she was. In all her glory, sitting upon me lap, while a very angry and upset Lena marched off into the school. The boys had retreated into their own silence and decided to leave me and Michelle alone. “So, Lili, how have you been?” She gave me a wink and wrapped her arms around my neck. “Michelle stop.” I grabbed her hands and tore them away from my neck. “You left,” I said.


“Oh don’t be silly! I’d never leave you!” Michelle laughed. 


“No, but that’s the thing. You DID leave. You took off to Paris or wherever the hell you went and left me here. You didn’t say a thing to me, and the next thing I know pictures of you and random guys are all over my newsfeed on Facebook.” I was almost seething. 

“Those guys? Liam, they were just friends.” Michelle tried to reassure me the best she could. “Friends huh,” I asked, “So do you shove your tongue down all your friend’s throats??”. Michelle’s face fell, and she started to cry. Those weren’t real tears though, I know a liar when I see one. “Lili,...I--I’m sorry! P-please d-d-don’t break-up with me. I l-love you.” 

“Sorry isn’t enough. We’re done.” I spat and grabbed my backpack. I pushed her off my lap and started to walk towards the school as the warning bell rang. “So that’s it?” I heard her yell from behind me, “you’re just gonna leave the best thing to ever happen to you for some stupid slut you met a couple days ago?” 

I turned to look back at her, “No.” A small smirk appeared on her face. “I’m leaving some slut, i.e. you, for a girl who I think could be the best thing to ever happen to me.” Michelle’s face fell and I continued my way back up to the school.


Time to win Lena back.


*Niall’s POV*


Liam really fucked up. You don’t know how painful it was to see Lena’s face when Michelle popped up. My God, no one thought Michelle was ever coming back. I mean she left Liam brokenhearted for four months. But now Lena’s heartbroken and that upsets me. She’s too pretty and kind to fell that way........


*Lena’s POV* 


Boy, Jenna sure can talk. She talked about clothes, she talked about Jason, clothes, Jason, oh and clothes. And even more Jason. I was jealous. She had this perfect relationship, and the one I thought I could of had with Liam was kicked in the face and buried alive. Brutal. I thought he really liked me. It was time for German, the second class of the day. I mentally stabbed myself when I remembered that Liam has that class too. Sure enough, I walked in and there he was sitting down next to Louis. Oh, and you wanna know the best part? The only seat left was next to him. Joy.

“Hey Lena!!” Lou said excitedly. I smiled and took my seat next to Liam. Speak of the devil, the betrayer turned to me and spoke out, “Look Lena I’m-” I waved my finger in front of him. I tried to sound as snarky as possible to get my point across, “Liam save it. You lied to me. Maybe not directly, but you didn’t tell me you had a girlfriend, and that’s still lying in my book. Don’t talk to me, just leave me alone and go have fun with Michelle.”


Liam went to speak again in a sort of plea but our German teacher, Mrs. Lane, called him out, “Liam, since you seem so eager to talk today, you can come up to the board and start our review of what we learned last year.” Liam sighed and looked at me as he slid out of his seat and trudged his way up to the board and began covering the main basics of German 1. 


After class, I sped out of the room as quick as I could before Liam could try and ‘explain’ to me his side of the story. I’ll admit it, I was being a rite bitch about it. But hey, you’d be pissed too if the guy you thought actually liked you didn’t tell you about his girlfriend. Not to mention, telling you she was way prettier. 

I quickly found my way to my maths class and took my seat. Next thing I know theres a slight poke in my back. I turn around to see Niall. I smiled a bit. “Hey Ni.” I said. “Hello Lena, and how is your first day going?” He smiled back. I laughed and showed him my agenda where I wrote all my homework down. “Well by the looks of all my homework I already have, how does that answer your question.” 

Niall shook his head, and then I turned around to be greeted by an upset looking Louis. “You guys didn’t save me a seat,” the blue eyed boy huffed. I stuck out my bottom lip and mocked his pout, “I sowwy LouLou.” I heard Niall’s laughter behind me, as Lou playfully smacked my arm and took a seat on the other side of the room. 



****LUNCH HOUR****


“Hey! Lena!!” I heard a familiar cheerful voice. I turned around with my tray in hand to see Jenna and Jason come walking up to me. “Hey guys.” I said. “Are you going to sit with us?” Jason asked. I looked at Harry’s table and it was him and the guys, including Liam. I nodded and said, “Sure thing.” 


We finally made it to a small little table where Tate was saving some seats. “Hey guys. Hello Lena.” His accent made me smile. It was beyond adorable. “Hi Tate.” 


It was a fairly normal lunch. We talked about classes, movies, music, and other things. Tate told me that he liked to skateboard and I asked him if he’d ever teach me. He agreed and I could have sworn that he blushed. I didn’t want lunch to end. By the last ten minutes of the period, Jenna and Jason excused them selves to a nearbye tree in the courtyard to have a make out session. “They always do that.” Laughed Tate. I smiled and answered back, “Well at least they’re happy right?” He nodded and said, “I guess so.” Things got quiet and really awkward until Tate asked, “So why are you in London?” I looked down and tried to think of an answer, I couldn’t just be blunt and say, “Oh yeah, my parent and little sister where killed in a car accident and I blame myself for the entire event.” That’d be the perfect response. Sure....


“Hey look,” Tate said reaching across the table to grab my hand, “You don’t have to tell me now. We just met today. You can tell me whenever you feel like it. And if that’s never? Then I’ll respect that.” Tate’s smile was intoxicating, and  I could help but smiled back. 



Well, school had ended and it was time to head home. I practically locked myself in my room and cried over that stupid brown eyed boy who hurt me. After I finished pour my feeling into my pillow, I went to the bathroom to clean up. After seeing Michelle run up to Liam before leaving school made me sick to my stomach. So, with that churning feeling in my gut, I didn’t feel like eating. I just went back to my room and decided to try the best I could at the ass load of homework I had.


It was about 10 pm when someone knocked on my door. “Come in.” I said and I put away my binder, my mind feeling like mush from the constant frustration of over thinking. “Hey Lee.” Harry said quietly as he stepped in my room and closed the door. “Hey Haz, what’s up?” 

“Not much......Missed you at lunch today.” He sat down on the end of my bed. “Oh,” I sighed, “I sat with some of my friends I made today.” I smiled at him, and the right corner of his mouth slid up, showing one of his dimples. “That’s good. Y’know Liam talked about you.” Harry went on. I nodded and he continued, “He kept saying what an idiot he was. Michelle,....she,....she wasn’t good for him. She was into all these party scenes and that just wasn’t Liam. They had a good relationship though. Until last spring when she up and left without telling anyone, and next thing we know she’s gotten pictures with almost every boy in France all over her Facebook.” Harry said. “Why’d she leave?” I asked, feeling a bit bad about telling Liam off and making him feel like shit. “No one knows, she just did. Liam was heartbroken. I guess they never really broke up, but Liam took her leaving as a sort of one.” Harry tried to explain. “But they were still together?” I asked. “Well, no. I mean, yeah technically, but not really.” Harry couldn’t find his words. “So.....yes.” I said. “Look Harry, I know you’re trying to comfort me and tell me Liam is a good guy. I’m sure he is, but he still lied. He sat there and flirted with me, and he even kissed me without telling me that he might possibly have a girlfriend already. I feel for him, with the break up and all, but he stilled lied. And that hurt.” I said, and Harry nodded. He got up off my bed and made his way towards my door. “He really likes you Lena.” Was the last thing Harry said before leaving and shutting the door behind him.



“I really liked him too.” I said out loud out no one.




OKAY so now this wbsite is up to date with my story. Like I said in the beginning, I have this story up on Wattpad and Quotev to increase views. I really just want my story to get out there. :) 

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