A Harry Styles Dreamer ♥ ♥ ♥

A young girl enters a contest entry for one of the BIGGEST BOYBAND to perform for her little does she know her biggest dreams finally come true ..x


1. A Harry Styles Dreamer Chapter 1♥♥♥

It was a quarter to 7.. and the buzzer to your alarm wakes you up in the morning... you just lay there for about 10 minutes and you hear your mom calll your name downstairs, Mom: Isabela are you ready? Isabela: Ya mom almost.............. Mom: Hurry your gonna be late  for school...... Isabela: Mom im almost ready geez . You instantly get up get dressed put on some mascara and some foundation & brush your teeth get your school books and go downstairs.. Isabela: Mom Im just gonna eat this crossiant on my way.. bye love you.. Mom: love you be safe..have a good day   You walk out without saying anything to her because your friend carly was outside  waiting for you in the car..   Carly: *Honks the horn* Hurry were late... Isabela: Im sorry i sorta go carried away i was up late last night .. Carly:Its alright.. Isabela: *puts on seatbelt* I love your new bag whered you get it? Carly: just some online store.. hahaa anyways did you see that new contest entry for the boys? Isabela: YES its awsome but we all know im not winning.. *laughs* Carly: Well you never know.. Isabela come on.. have a little hope and YES its is so awsome having them perform for you .. Isabela: Yeah thatd be great id love that.. so how does it work anyways..? Carly: Well i guess you just have to give some basic info and write i guess a little persuit on why you should be the winner and the boys will go to any country , city or state and serender you for anything a birthday..anything! Isabela: That'd be a dream.. having them sing to you..  Carly: Yeah it would! Isabela: Yeah..id love to meet all the boys but you know..i have that soft spot for harry..id love to hug him and touch him..and *gets interupted* Carly: Omg your getting carried away *laughs* Isabela: Hahahaa.. They arrrive at school...    Isabela was thinking of the contest all day and all she wanted to do was get home and enter..   At lunch    Carly and isabela sit at the tables and have some lunch all they do is talk about the contest and how amazing it'd be to win..   Stay Tuned for Chapter 2 (: xxxxxxxxx      

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