Learning to ride the waves ..

Jess, your average 16 year old girl from Australia ... or maybe not. Jess loves to surf, swim, dance pretty much everything! But what happens when a teribble accident happenes? Will she sink or will she learn how to ride the waves ?


1. The family.

Jess's P.O.V

"Honey wake up" I hear the sound of my mother's voice coming from downstairs. I take a wiff of the smell of banana pancakes, i jump straight out of bed and start heading down stairs. I see my dad reading the paper, my mum cooking breakfast and my two annoying brother's fighting over....... I actually dont know. My brother's are older then me so they pretty much take care of me at school and stuff like that. Not to be mean or anything but it actually really annoying! "hello my family" nobody looks up except for my mum, my dad's consatrating on the recycling article or in other words the comic page. "Good morning sweetie sleep well?" "yeah i slept ok mum, but all i could hear were the rattle snakes outside my window allllllllll night" My dad poked his head out of his newspaper and started talking. "Oh thats right, i called a snake man to come pick them up he will be here *LOOKS AT WATCH* in about half an hour" "thanks dad just make sure he dosent kill them you know how i love animals" "of course sweetie" I walk over to my mum and grab some pancakes, i walk over to the dining room table and eat my pancakes. "Hey little sis" Sam said with a smeirk, Eathen just sat there not really paying attention. I roll my eyes and go back to eating my pancakes. I take my dish to the sink and walk up-stairs to get dressed for school. I grab my ugly blue school uniform dress and but my galaxy vans on. I look at myself in the mirror and then look at my hair............it's like a birds nest!! I grab my brush and brush the knot out of my hair and leave it down for the day. I pack my bag, put some lip gloss on and go wait in the lounge room.


I stand up off the lounge and answer the door, there stands the most beautiful boy in the world my boyfrind Ryan. "Hey" i give him a kiss on the cheek and grab my bag. "Bye mum bye dad" I yell, i dont think they heard me so i just walk out with Ryan to his car. I see the garage door open and out comes my brothers with their brand new car. I roll my eyes at them thinking they are idiots!

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