As long As You Love Me

Life was suppose to be simple. It was suppose to be something you wanted it to be. Something you choose to do with it. But for me? It wasn’t like that at all. I had to marry someone I didn’t even know. Someone who My father had chosen for me. Someone who he thought was perfect for me. But to Me, This didn’t seem fair. But what could I do? I can’t! I just have to do what my Father want’s and not argue.”

Melissa Collins was a “Normal” 18 year old teenager. Yea not really. She wasn’t like other 18 year old girls, who could go out and party all day. She couldn’t have a normal teenage age life anymore, she had a huge problem. She was forced to Marry, one of One-Direction members,Zayn Malik. The funny thing was they didn’t know each other, but they hated each other like no-one else could. Then there was this other person standing in there way….. Harry Styles……


2. Chapter 1


Chapter 1

Melissa POV:

   I wasn’t the type of girl who always listened to her parents,or always followed the rules. I was what people called “A Bitch” or “A Whore”. Yea I guess you could call me that. I didn’t really think I was this…until I noticed what I was doing. I was classified as this. That’s when I decided I didn’t really care about what people called me. So now I go by the nickname, “The Slutty Bitch”. Yea Ohh well…. YOLO


“Melissa I need to talk to you” I heard my father say with a serious tone. Ohh shit what did I do now. I walked slowly to his office. I looked around and saw he changed it since last time I’ve been here. The walls where a dark creamy color,and the windows where open letting the light come in. Making everything seem so peaceful and quiet, and …. well, beautiful. 

“First Listen… don’t say anything until I finish speaking” I nodded. Was it that bad? Did he know what I would say or react? Huh guess I’ll find out.

“Well My friend and I told each other that when we had children, specifically a girl and a boy. They would marry each other. And now….. That you’ve grown up well I am saying that you are to marry him.” I could tell my father wasn’t joking with me He was actually telling me this, and I had to do it. 

“Are you kidding me. No! I’m 18. I-I’m to young to get married” I could feel my blood boiling in my veins, anger overtaking my body, tears stinging my eyes. No I wasn’t going to let him see me cry. 

“NO! I’m not kidding around. You will do what I say and That’s Finial” He said, getting up and slamming the door. I don’t want to get married. I just turned 18 a week ago, I had a life ahead of me. I don’t need this… I don’t want to. But What can I do? Nothing. 

I got up and ran to my bed-room. I can’t believe I’m getting Married. I don’t even know the person, and I feel like I already hate them. I can’t marry someone I don’t love. Isn’t marriage where two people who are deeply in-love agree to be with each other for the rest of there lives. Maybe marriage wasn’t about love anymore. Maybe it was just for amusement, maybe it wasn’t about love anymore?


I didn’t want to make my father angry at me so I tried to ignore him the whole day. But it was to much to bare. So I felt like going out and getting some coffee. Maybe that would calm me down. Maybe?

I went up to my room and grabbed what ever shirt and shorts I found. It was a purple-plaid shirt and some short blue shorts. I let my long wavy hair down, and put on makeup, not so much but an okay amount.  I looked at my-self in the mirror. I wasn’t as beautiful as other girls. I was just plain old Melissa Collins. A girl born with parents that didn’t love her, or cared for her. 

I ran downstairs, I wanted to walk so I walked all the way to the Starbucks, it wasn’t that fair anyways only about 10 minutes away. I entered and was surprised. There weren’t so many people here, like always. Usually it would always be packed and it would take you hours just to order coffee. I ordered just coffee, and sat down.

“Remember when we went to Ireland and you had a three-some” I heard someone say right behind me. What the fuck… that’s so disgusting. I ignored that comment and kept on drinking my coffee. 

“Nahh… Theses girls where literally begging me to fuck them” This time I was completely disgusted and turned around. I had to admit they where good looking but rude and disgusting people just by hearing them talk. “Can you stop taking about having your mother fucking three-some. I’m actually trying to enjoy my time” I told them both, trying not to take all my anger out towards them. 

“Come on babe, no need to get jealous. You could be next” The one with the quiff said eyeing me up and down. Ughh I hated how guys thought they could get any girl they wanted just by having sex. To me this was pathetic. “Huh…. And Who said I wanted you” I could see the smirk on the other one face growing bigger. The one with the quiff came closer to me, his lips inches away from me. “I know how I make you feel, babe” He whispered in my ear making me get goosebumps. God this mother-fucker knew how he was making me feel. Fuck my hormones. I pulled away quickly. 

“And What exactly do you think I feel?” I asked him curiously eyeing him, and looking at his curly-headed friend. Damn I got to say him and his friend are hot as fuck, but seem like stupid ass man whores. He ignored my question and just chuckled. Why did he chuckle? Did I amuse him or something? 

He got closer to me and nibbled on my ear, “I make you nervous, babe” He whispered in his husky voice. God I was sure any second my ovaries might exploded right now. 

He pulled away and eyed me, he knew how he made me feel and I already hated him for that.  ”N-No I don’t” I whispered. He just chuckled and so did his curly -headed friend. 

“What’s your name, love?” The green-eyed bastard said looking at me up and down but stopped at my boobs. Hmm… He was a man-whore. 

“Don’t worry about it. You’ll Never see me again” I whispered into his ear. I could feel the smirk on his face. I pulled away and walked away form both of thoses horny-bastards. Ha they thought they where ganna get laid tonight. Ha well think again mother fuckers.  Just thinking bout that made my blood boil. Thoses asses thought just by giving every girl there smile., girls would fall at there feet. Well Guess again? I’m not that kind of girl. I could feel the hatred I had towards these two, and I didn’t even know there names. 


Sorry if this chapter is shity but I tried to update faster. So here it is =)

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