Don't leave me

I don't think you really can define love ~ Harry styles


1. The UK

Hey my name is Sarah and I am in my last year of high school. Our class decided to take our graduation field trip to the UK so here I am sitting the plane next to my best friend Sasha who is jamming out to one direction. I haven't been feeling well for the last couple of day s and since this is going to be a long flight I'll take a nap. I started to dream that I was in this clothing store. It seemed almost like it was from a movie. The air was fresh, the smell was perfect, and it wasn't too cold, but there was a slight breeze that felt just right. I was saw someone in the back of the store who was familiar. I had no idea who it was but in the dream I guess I did. I ran to him giving him the most welcoming hug. "I missed you sar-bear" he whispered in my ear. I felt as if I loved him but like he was family. Then I was being pulled away from him as I awoke to Sasha saying "get up were here" "sorry I was just dreaming" I told here " what about" Sasha asked " I'll tell you later" I replayed as we left the plane. We made our way to the bus. I sat in the back all alone thinking about my dream whishing I had some sort of family some one to be there when I'm sad, someone to love, to care fo. I felt tears falling down my cheeks as Sasha came over. "oh Sarah" she said quietly as she hugged me. "I... I just wish that... That I had" I was cut of by Sasha finishing my sentence " a family" for the rest of the ride my head ached so I jus lay there resting my head on her shoulders
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