Don't leave me

I don't think you really can define love ~ Harry styles


3. Lunch

Harry's POV
I woke up on my couch wondering why I wasn't at the hospital and why I wasn't with Sarah. I ran up stairs heading to Louis room. "Louis!!" I screamed "what mate" he replyed in a tired voice. "wheres Sarah why am I here is she still at the hospital" I was going to continue but louis cut me off " Harry we took her home she all......" " why didnt you wake me up so I could say goodbye" I asked him "Harry its fine she gave you a kiss on the cheek and said bye..what more do you want."... "what she kissed me.. Wait but I was sleeping remember, I need to see her what's her adress?" I asked him eagerly wanting to see her beautiful face again. "niall wrote it down on a pad which is in the car.. Heres the keys" Louis said throwing them to me. I ran down stairs, hopped in the car and drove off. When I got there I was amazed. Is this her house I thought. I knocked on the door and was greeted by many girls who must be her sisters, but look nothing like her unless her parents adopt. They told me to sit down and they will get Sarah.

Sarah's POV
"Sarah you have a visiter" said molly smiling.. Who would want to visit me I wondered as I changed and freshend up. I went down stairs to see with my suprise Harry styles sitting on the couch waiting form me. He stood up and said "hi Sarah how do you feel" "ohh me umm I feel fine" I lied because truefully my head ached and my side throbbed. " that's great because I was wondering if maybe we could go out for lunch" he asked "oh ya sure then you can tell me more about what happened at the store." I said smiling as I walked up the stairs telling him I'll be right back. I left a note for Sasha saying ...

Dear Sasha
Hey so I went out for lunch but dont worry I'm with someone. I would have invited you but you looked tired and the girls told me that you couldn't sleep while I was away so see you later.
Love sarah

I hopped down stairs as me and Harry headed for his car. He drove me to his favorite place to eat which was located not to for away. We took out seats as he started the conversation "so I wanted to ask who where all the flowers from" " I have no idea" I told him " no idea didn't your family know you were there" he said " well I don't have any family im an orphan" I replyed as my voice saddened "ohh I'm so sorry.. Wait but then Who were all of those girls" he asked me " oh I here on a graduation field trip.. You didnt think they were my sisters did you?" I chuckled "I thought maybe they were adopted because they weren't as nearly as pretty as you" he said to making me blush. "Harry give me your phone" I said as he handed it to me " I place my number In his contacts then gave it back to him smiling. "give me yours" he said so i tossed it over... " we'll this is wierd it says I'm already listed in your contacts as "sexy beast" " What no way" I said as I took the phone from him staring at the name. "Louis" I said looking up at him. "louis took my phone and this is what he must have done" I giggled reading the names the boys gave themselves in there contacts. "I hope you don't change it I like "sexy beast" Harry said to me blushing "haha ok Harry" the day ended with him dropping me off at home and saying he will text me.
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