Don't leave me

I don't think you really can define love ~ Harry styles


2. Guns and roses

We reached the old boarding school which we were going to stay at. Me, Anne, and Sasha were assinged room B. We ran down stairs to our room. Inside there were two bunkbeds and a desk. While Sasha and Anne unpacked I lay down on the top bunk daydreaming. I sat up "you guys I'm gonna take a walk" I said as I jumped down and headed out the door. The weather was perfect today... It was about 60 degrees and windy i thought as I strolled down a busy street. There were so many stores but they were packed so I decided to just keep on walking until I spotted this one store that looked familiar. I walked I. Realizing it was exactly like the one from my dream. I ventured towards the back when I heard a scream and gunshot. I darted for the dressing rooms closed the door and sat down panting. The voices were getting near then there was another shot and another. My heart was pounding as I looked down and saw my side was bleeding. My vision went blurry soon things were getting darker and darker. Wake up Sarah don't die dont die I said to my self. I could feel someone lift me up and tell me "its going to be alright".. Then I blacked out completely.

I woke up to the smell of flowers and roses everywhere. Sitting next to me was a sleeping boy. He looked familiar then it hit me. PHarry Styles is sitting right next to me. His eyes started to flutter as he stretched and stared me in the eyes. "your awake how's your side are you ok?" he said "umm where am... I mean how did I ummmm" I asked "ohmyou want to know what happened" he said and then explained only a little but I still had questions. Before I could reply I blacked out. I woke up to Harry sleeping and the rest of his band mates talking in hushed voices. "hi" I said trying to start a conversation. They all rushed over and introduced themselves. We sat there for hours talking and getting to know eachother. Louis asked me where all of the roses came from. "truefully I have no idea" I replyed with a smile. "can I see your phone" he then asked changing the subject.. "sure what for?" I said handing my phone over... Niall started laughing as he saw what louis was writing. Then Louis passed the phone to zayn who wrote something then to niall and then to Liam. "don't look at your phone untill you get home" Louis said as the nurse came in saying that if I was feeling better I should head home because they need the room for other patients. The boys helped out of the bed while Liam picked up the sleeping Harry. "guys do you mind taking me home?" I asked doubtfully but without any of them answering Niall picked me up and through me into the car with the rest of the boys piling in. Harry was placed in the front and louis drove. When we got there I gave them all hugs and gave Harry a kiss on the cheek telling the boys to tell Harry how much I appreciate his help. I painfully walked in side and was greeted with hugs and kisses from everyone. Where was Sasha I wondered as I headed down stairs to find her alone in our room. "sash" I said looking at her bloodshot eyes. it killed me to see her like this. "oh sarah why did you have.." she paused trying to regain her strength " I could have gone with you... YOU DIDNT HAVE TO GO ALONE" she said quickly rubbing her eyes, she looked at me and said "never again will you go out alone ok Sarah" she said to me " I promise sasha... I promise" I told her " alright then let's go to bed" she replyed almost back to normal.
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