Something Went Wrong

"Oh No" haley yelled in the halls . "whats wrong"? Harry says
"I think im in love with ......
find out what happens between the power couple thats gonw viral with Harry and Haley ....


3. stupid!!!

i knew that THE Harry styles loved me , but i didnt know he loved me that much ! i just really liked Niall James Horan. it even sounds cute with my name Mr. and Mrs. Haley and Niall Horan ~ it just sounds perfect !!!

Just then i invited the  boys to stay at my house to sleep over "OF COURSE WE WILL!!! DO YA HAVE SOME ........   CARROTS !!!!????"Louis yelled in my ears ! " ummmm no sorry louis". "ITS OK ILL JUST CUDDLE WITH HAZZA THEN ! GOOD THING I BROUGHT SOME CARROTS!". ok i made my desion louis definealty scares the heebie jeebies out of me !

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