Something Went Wrong

"Oh No" haley yelled in the halls . "whats wrong"? Harry says
"I think im in love with ......
find out what happens between the power couple thats gonw viral with Harry and Haley ....


1. what just happened ....

It all started in summer of 2010, when my best friend Harry Styles auditioned for the X Factor . I knew i should've told him not to go but , what kind of a friend does that .  

flash back

"Good luck Harry! Your gonna be great !" i said, barley excited. " Do you really mean it Hal?" . "yea i do, your gonna win " right before Harry left he started walking he turned back sprinting  to me . there goes that kiss i've been waiting for. end of flashback

Just then my phone started ringing it was Harry. " HALEYYY! LONG TIME NO TALK".i giggled . "hey harry how are you doing i miss u so much ! when are u coming to visit ?"i said . " NOW open your door " harry said and hung up. As i opened the door i saw all  4 other members of One Direction . Just then i got shocked when i saw the blonde hair boy with shimmering blue eyes that are just like the ocean , he had the cutest irish accent . i wanted him mine . ALL MINE!


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