The Boyfriend Switch

Acacia and Niall are just a normal high school couple, nothing really exciting. Perrie, Harry's girlfriend, thinks of the most craziest thing and things don't go out the way they seem.


1. The Start

Part 1 | Acacia POV: The bell rang for fifth period. Niall kissed me and whispered in my ear, "Good luck on your math test, babe." I smiled and nodded. I closed my locker and walked to Ms. Felder's classroom. I sat by this jock, Harry Styles, who is annoying, kinda cute, and Perrie's boyfriend. Perrie is my ex-friend. We used to be besties until my mum died in second grade- enough about that. Anyway Harry was passing notes and whispered, "Hey, pass it to Liam." Another jock. I glared at Liam and then back at Harry. I nodded and took the note. I opened it a bit so I could read the note. It said, "Hey dude, do you know if Acacia is single??" I tried not to gasp, so I closed the note back up and passed it to Liam. "Here you go." , I whispered to Liam. He just turned and didn't even say "thank you!" It didn't matter because I needed to focus on my test, not manners from a jock. (which is impossible)  Anyway, Ms. Felder passed out the test and everyone was silent as mice. [moments later] I walk up to Ms. Felder's desk and put my test in a neat stack, and left the classroom. I went to my locker, when Harry and his jock friends stopped by me. "Need anything?" I asked the boys. "Harry has a question for you!" said one of the jocks, Josh. I groaned and answered, "What?" Harry turns around and made a signal with his hands like he was telling them to go away and turned back around, facing me. "Anyway, Acacia, your really cute. Call me sometime." Harry gave me his number and smiled like he thought he was going to get it his way. I smiled and then said, "Haha, that's funny. I have a boyfriend, and you have a girlfriend! Bye." and slammed my locker and walked away.

  Harry's POV: Oh sure she has a boyfriend, I wonder who that loser is. The guys all cluttered around me asking, "Did she take the note?" And "Are you two dating?" I sighed and pulled out Liam from the clutter. "She declined my phone number, she has a guy, idiot!" Harry whispered in Liam's ears and left, getting ready for sixth period. How is it??          


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