The Boyfriend Switch

Acacia and Niall are just a normal high school couple, nothing really exciting. Perrie, Harry's girlfriend, thinks of the most craziest thing and things don't go out the way they seem.


6. The Kiss..

Part 6 | Acacia's POV: I just was standing there, "I'm not dating Niall.." She gasped and said in a lower voice, "Oh gosh.. I'm so sorry. When did this happen?" "When I woke up." I replied. "How? Did he break up with you through text?" She asked. "Nope, Perrie and me switched our boyfriends, I'm dating the annoying jock Harry." I said. Ariana smiled, "Harry? Harry Styles? The cutest guy on the football team? Lucky!" she exclaimed. I groaned, I'm not lucky, I rather have Niall than anything else. 

  Harry's POV: I was so happy, I couldn't wait for Math class to see Acacia. I went to my locker and saw Perrie hanging out with Niall. I was confused for a moment, isn't Acacia dating Niall? Then I saw Niall kiss Perrie on her cheek and he left. Is it just me or is Niall cheating on Acacia or Acacia cheating on me with Niall. Doesn't matter, something funny was buzzing and I need to get on top of it.           


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